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The challenge of Kyler Murray: What the Giants are saying

Arizona rookie is a different kind of quarterback

Atlanta Falcons v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The New York Giants know they will be facing a different type of quarterback, and a different type of offense, when Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals come to MetLife Stadium on Sunday.

Here is some of what the Giants have been saying about facing Murray.

Pat Shurmur on Murray’s “unique” running ability ...

“They have many more structured quarterback-type runs. Your traditional zone reads, so to speak, where the quarterback runs it if either the edge disappears or the numbers are right. So, they have more of those in their system. But again, I think the most dangerous thing in our league with a quarterback with his skillset is when they drop back to pass, and then he takes off and runs. He’s done that on a consistent basis throughout (the season) and that’s where they’re dangerous, because then they have the ability to keep their eyes downfield and throw a late check down for 60 yards, or continue to run and move the chains. That’s part of his charm, and he’s done a good job to this point.”

Linebacker Alec Ogletree ...

“It’s very hard on a defense when you can’t keep a guy contained and he’s able to break the containment and stretch you down the field and force guys on the back end to cover for a long time. So, we’ve got to do a good job with the way we rush and obviously making sure we stay on guys even if he does break the contain.”

Ogletree on what makes Murray unique ...

“Just his ability to make plays. Obviously, they brought in a coordinator and head coach that call solid plays, so he’s a guy that if you’re not careful, he can hit you with his legs, but also he’s pretty accurate when he throws the ball, too. So, you have to be able to trust your coverage, and also just make the looks hard for him. We have to make sure our rush lanes are intact and stuff like that.”

Janoris Jenkins on dealing with Murray’s improvisation ...

“You have to prepare. We need all 11 guys. We know he’s very, very mobile, but he also can make a lot of throws, so we have to stay on our game and just be able to plaster when the play breaks down.”

Defensive coordinator James Bettcher ...

The Giants defensive coordinator says Murray is “a quarterback that’s really dynamic.”

Bettcher coached in 10 games against Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks while with the Arizona Cardinals.

“(I) have seen some guys like this that can buy time with their feet, who are accurate, who can deliver the ball on time, on schedule, then create some off-schedule plays ... it’s going to be a great challenge for our guys.”

As a bonus, here are a couple of quotes about Murray from Arizona coach Kliff Kingsbury when he spoke to New York media this week.

Kingsbury on why he has faith in Murray ...

“He’s shown he is willing to work and progress. He’s really adjusted his game over the first month and a half to fit what we do offensively and limit his negative plays. He’s doing all the things that we’ve asked him to do, which has been huge. We knew he had the talent to be a special player and it’s all about work ethic and the price you are willing to pay once you get here and he’s starting to show those things.”

Kingsbury on Murray’s skill set and Arizona’s offense ...

“We’re still evolving as an offense. Any time you have a guy that can make plays with his feet like he can, it just adds that different dimension for us. He’s been able to make some off-schedule plays that have kept us on the field on third down or in the red zone. That’s been huge, and I think having that extra element has been a real plus to our offense so far.”