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What you need to know about new Giants running back Buck Allen

Let’s see what the former Raven could bring to his new team

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

What does Javorius ‘Buck’ Allen bring to the New York Giants?

Look at his resume after four seasons with the Baltimore Ravens and you see a few things.

  • An adequate runner with 1,249 yards and a 3.7 yards per carry average.
  • A good pass receiver out of the backfield with 129 receptions and catch percentage of 76.3 percent when targeted.
  • A player with a nose for the end zone, having scored 10 touchdowns on 469 career touches.
  • A capable special teams player who had four tackles and played 42 percent of special teams plays for the Baltimore Ravens a year ago.

Watch the film clip below, or any Allen highlight clip, and you see two other things.

  • Even though he is only listed at 218 pounds, Baltimore was not afraid to line him up as a fullback, and Allen wasn’t afraid to stick his nose in and be physical.
  • On a lighter note, it’s also clear that Allen seriously upgrades the Giants’ dance game.

Allen signed with the New Orleans Saints this offseason, but never saw the field due to an undisclosed injury. He was placed on IR, but released with an injury settlement on Sept. 9. To learn more about the Giants’ new running back I turned to Kyle Barber of SB Nation Baltimore Beatdown, which covers the Ravens.

Three questions

Ed: He [Allen] looks like a useful player. Why didn’t the Ravens keep him?

Kyle: Buck Allen is a Jack of All Trades type of player. He’s good at everything but a star of none. The Ravens found Alex Collins who shouldered the load and had the speed and agility which outperformed Allen. In the end, they didn’t feel to renew his contract with Kenneth Dixon, Mark Ingram and Gus Edwards all on the roster.

Ed: What are his strengths? Weaknesses?

Kyle: Like I mentioned, he’s sufficient in everything but will not be a specialty at any specific juncture. I loved to see him as the spell-back, who can make the plays when you need your bell-cow to rest for a few reps. This is a great addition for the New York Giants, honestly. I can see him contributing in the run game and pass protection for Daniel Jones.

Ed: You have a best memory or a highlight from his time with the Ravens?

Kyle: His touchdown against the Houston Texans on Monday Night Football in 2017 always makes me laugh. He gets stopped just shy of the goal line and the ENTIRE offensive line bulldozes him and to the end zone. Watching Ryan Jensen hurdle on top of everyone is comical.