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Giants at Patriots, Week 6: Big Blue View staff picks

How do our writers see this one unfolding?

NFL: SEP 15 Bills at Giants Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

How do your Big Blue View contributors see Thursday night’s New York Giants vs. New England Patriots game working out? Not well for the Giants. Read on to find out why.

Chris Pflum

While anything can happen in any individual football game, the Giants coming away with an upset victory over the Patriots is one of the less likely things that could happen Thursday night. True enough that the Patriots have played some of the dregs of the NFL and probably aren’t as good as they appear on paper. But then the Giants haven’t shown that they can compete against the better teams in the league, either.

Coming out of Foxborough with a win would be amazing, but it is more realistic to use this game as a benchmark. Can the Giants execute against one of the best-coached teams in the NFL? Can they play with poise and not make mistakes? Can they, at least in part, overcome injuries and play with the hand they have been dealt? Can the Giants protect Daniel Jones from a relentless Patriots’ pass rush that leads the league in sacks and avoid mistakes against a secondary that leads the league in interceptions? Can the Giants at least slow down an efficient offense that will challenge their weaknesses and force uncomfortable matchups?

Never mind the final score, how those questions are answered should decide whether or not this game is a win or not.

Pick: Patriots 28, Giants 20
Season record: 4-1

Joe DeLeone

No one could conjure up a worse situation to face an undefeated Patriots team. Daniel Jones is without major offensive weapons against a defense that is allowing less than a touchdown per game. Moving the ball will be extremely difficult, considering the struggles we witnessed last Sunday against the Vikings.

While the Patriots have feasted on beating bottom tier teams for most of their five game stretch, they are still the more talented football team with a legendary coach and quarterback leading them.

Pick: Patriots 24, Giants 6
Season record: 4-1

Mark Schofield

I mean, did you expect anything else from a dirty, filthy, spoiled Patriots fan?

New York is banged up, the New England defense has been fantastic, and rookie quarterbacks have never beaten Bill Belichick on the road. This does not set up well. But if there is a great equalizer at play tonight, it could come in the form of the weather. A windy and rainy night is expected, and perhaps that could level the playing field. You never know.

Pick: Patriots 35 Giants 10
Season record: 4-1

Matt Williamson

This sure doesn’t set up well for New York. The Patriots have some things they are working through on offense, but New England’s defense is just smothering everyone they play. With the Giants insanely light on offensive weapons, Daniel Jones has little chance of success.

Pick: New England 38, New York 10
Season record: 4-1

Emily Iannaconi

The Giants may have upset the Patriots in historic fashion in the past, but that seems unlikely tonight. New England is one of two undefeated teams left in the NFL and they are play at home in front of their own crowd. New York, meanwhile, lost the momentum of its two-game win streak when they fell to Minnesota at home last week. Their seemingly never-ending list of injuries does not help. With Saquon Barkley, Wayne Gallman, Sterling Shepard and Evan Engram out, an upset does not seem likely for New York.

Pick: New England 35, New York 7

Joseph Czikk

Odds Shark is predicting a 40-3 Patriots win. Okay, c’mon, it won’t be that bad.

The Patriots will take this game but I think the renewed vigor of the New York Giants under Daniel Jones will prevent anything too embarrassing. The Giants have a few ‘backers coming back from injury and the Pats O-line has been shaky of late. I want to see if they can do anything there.

Other than that, the Giants will probably put up 10 points and Brady will orchestrate several TD drives. Jones is missing nearly all his key offensive pieces and he’ll be looking for Cody Latimer and Golden Tate a lot tonight.

Pick: New England 35, New York 10
Season record: 2-2

Ed Valentine

A rookie quarterback has never beaten the Bill Belichick-coached Patriots in Foxborough. The Giants are without most of their offensive firepower. When you look objectively at the Giants there are lots of reasons to feel to feel good about their future. There aren’t any reasons to feel good about their chances on Thursday night.

Pick: Patriots 35, Giants 10
Season record: 4-1