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Are Giants headed in the right direction? Majority of BBV FanPulse voters say yes

That was New York Giants general manager Dave Gettleman summing up where he thinks the franchise is as the 2018 season ends.

If you have been reading, you know that I agree. The 5-11 record isn’t good enough, but you have to look deeper than that. The locker room is a more cohesive place filled with quality leaders. The rookie class looks like it will help for years to come. The coach and general manager appear to see team-building the same way — from the inside out. That hasn’t been the case with the Giants for a while.

Really, though, we are here to discuss what Giants’ fans think.

In our season-ending ‘FanPulse’ survey, 57 percent of our voters showed confidence in the direction of the team as the season comes to a close.

Fan confidence as seen in our polls began the season at an overly optimistic 89 percent and dipped as low as 8 percent prior to Week 8.

As Gettleman also said on Wednesday, “There’s some good stuff and there’s some stuff we’ve got to fix.”

So, Giants fans. Are you confident that the team is moving in the right direction?