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Giants news, 1/30: Phil Simms — time for a transition at quarterback

Simms advocates keeping Eli, letting him help prepare successor

New York Giants v Tennessee Titans Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Good morning, New York Giants fans!

Tuesday morning we told you that the debate between Dwayne Haskins and Daniel Jones as QB1 in the 2019 NFL Draft wasn’t settled in league circles. Later in the day, the well-connected Lance Zierlein proved the point by mocking Jones to the Giants with Haskins remaining on the board.

Also Tuesday, Dan Pizzuta made the case that the real problem with the Giants’ defense in 2018 was the pass coverage, not the pass rush. It’s an interesting read.

Phil Simms still bitter about sad end with Giants, who treat Eli Manning with kid’s gloves | ‘We bow and kiss’ franchise QBs |

The last franchise quarterback the Giants had to part with was Phil Simms, way back in 1993. Tuesday, Simms still sounded bitter about the way his time with the Giants ended:

“It’s a different world now,” Simms said. “If I was in the world now, they would’ve never let me go because I’d have been a ‘franchise quarterback.’ This new phrase. Franchise. That means we bow and kiss, and that’s why they keep people.”

Phil Simms: Giants need Eli Manning successor now | New York Post

Piggy-backing on our first link, Simms also said Tuesday the Giants should bring Manning back to groom a successor and that he would ensure a “great transition” to a new quarterback.

“I think it’s evident they gotta get somebody ready,” Simms said at a CBS Super Bowl press conference. “Let’s say it’s a Philip Rivers situation [behind Drew Brees in San Diego], you have to wait two years or whatever. They need to get a quarterback in that they know is gonna be the next guy.

“They’re gonna draft a quarterback this year. I think they should. Time to do it. Eli could handle it. We drafted Dave Brown the first round [of the 1992 supplemental draft] when I was with the Giants. It worked out all right. We were great friends. We learned to work together and hung out together and it was awesome.”

Simms said he believes Manning would be amenable for the first time in his career to a situation where he would start the season — but not necessarily finish it.

“I don’t think they’re gonna go out and sign a free agent and take Eli’s job. I don’t see that,” Simms said. “They need a transition, and that transition’s gonna be a year, it could be two years, it could be six games, whatever. I think [Manning will] be their starting quarterback opening day.”

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The Giants were awarded Jamon Brown, a 2017 starter with the Los Angeles Rams, off waivers at midseason. The Rams will present Brown with a Super Bowl ring if they win on Sunday.

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