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2019 NFL Draft prospect profile: Kaleb McGary, OT, Washington

Could the Giants look to the Huskies for their future right tackle?

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The New York Giants need offensive linemen. That shouldn’t be a startling revelation for anyone who watched them over the 2018 season. They definitely need to figure out the center and right tackle positions, and could find themselves in need of a right guard as well.

Dave Gettleman, the Giants’ general manager, has shown an affinity for a particular “type” of offensive lineman in the past -- namely “big and strong”. He typically hasn’t gone for linemen who rely on technique and geometry to win their battles, so much as players who resemble walking refrigerators with long arms.

That brings us to Washington Huskies’ right tackle Kaleb McGary. McGary isn’t as athletic as Trey Adams -- Washington’s injury-prone left tackle -- but he is certainly big and strong. He is also experienced, starting the vast majority of his time at Washington.

But is he the kind of player the Giants need?


Height: 6-foot 7

Weight: 321 pounds


  • Prototypical size and frame for the position.
  • Impressive awareness to pick up stunts, twists, and blitzes.
  • “Country strong” player who somehow manages to anchor even when he loses leverage.
  • Flashes the ability to mirror well.
  • Can create movement at the line of scrimmage.


  • Shows some lower-body tightness.
  • Pad level can get him in trouble.
  • Hands can get wide and his punch inaccurate.
  • Physically capable of pulling, but inaccurate with his blocks.
  • Tends to give up the edge too quickly.

Prospect Video

What They’re Saying

“McGary has potential in the run game, showing the ability to move defenders and pave open lanes up front. If his pad level was better and his hand usage more sudden, we could be talking about a more dominant player on the ground, but I don’t know if it is realistic to expect that given his experience. McGary is too limited to play outside in my opinion, but I would be curious to watch his development as a guard, although pad level concerns give me pause there as well.”

- Jon Ledyard (The Draft Network - scouting report)

Does He Fit The Giants?

McGary is a bit of an interesting prospect for the Giants. He has the frame, strength, and athleticism which will appeal to the Giants’ scouts. Likewise, his upside in the run game will appeal to a team looking to get better in that area.

However, he struggles when dealing with NFL-caliber EDGE players. He could be functional in that area with some better hand usage and more faith in his kickslide. He has the ability to mirror and match defenders, and when he gets his hands on them, it’s pretty much the end of the rep for them. However, his tendency to turn away from the line of scrimmage early and try to “catch” defenders limits him against athletic rushers. McGary moves well getting out in space as a puller or blocker on screens, but he has a tendency to take bad angles and miss defenders.

His height (just an eighth of an inch below 6-foot 7), is going to make a move inside to guard difficult. He could struggle with leverage against some defensive tackles, and his height could clog interior passing lanes.

McGary’s frame suggests an offensive tackle, but he will have to put in the work to improve against athletic pass rushers at the next level. He did show some improvement in Senior Bowl practices, which is encouraging, and he has the movement skills to be solid there with continued improvement.