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2019 NFL Draft prospect profile: Chris Lindstrom, C/G, Boston College

Can the Boston College lineman fill one of the voids Giants’ offensive line?

NCAA Football: Wake Forest at Boston College Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

As it stands right now, the New York Giants have a need at both right guard and center. They have players they might like at both positions, but given the state of their offensive line and the play put on tape in 2018, it would make sense for the team to look for players who can create competition and emerge as potential upgrades.

They also need any young players to have as short a learning curve as possible, so it would make sense to look at linemen who come from schools which use pro-style concepts in their blocking schemes.

Boston College’s Chris Lindstrom has experience at both tackle and guard -- though he is best suited for the interior -- and is being considered as a potential center at the next level as well. Providing a potential upgrade at two positions of need for the Giants, as well as coming from the BC offense, could intrigue the Giants.



  • Athletic blocker. Moves well in zone schemes, as a puller, and is quick to the second level.
  • Shows the ability to anchor against power.
  • Active blocker. Constantly looking for work.
  • Solid technique. Generally plays with a wide base and active hands.
  • Passes off stunts and twists well.
  • Potentially scheme versatile.


  • Quick to the second level, but needs to be more accurate with his blocks. Finds himself whiffing on second-level defenders.
  • More “strong” than “powerful.”
  • Size might fall below some team’s thresholds for a guard.
  • Run blocking depends more on angles than creating movement or digging linemen out of gaps.
  • Isn’t a massive guard, which shows up if his base narrows or pads rise.

Prospect Video

(Lindstrom is RG, number 75)

What They’re Saying

“Lindstrom was pushed inside to guard this season after playing tackle a year ago, and the interior position better suits his talents. He’s been good all season and was dominant against Miami, opening large holes for the running game and paving the way for 223 yards rushing as the Eagles stomped the Hurricanes, 27-14. I stamped the senior as a potential fourth-round pick, and I believe Lindstrom could develop into a starter at the next level.”

Does He Fit The Giants?

It is somewhat interesting that Lindstrom is being considered at both guard and center, and it makes sense given a minute to think about it. He is very athletic for a guard and would be a good fit for a team that runs primarily zone blocking schemes. There, his ability to move and release to the second level work well to get the defense flowing and creating both running lanes and cutback lanes.

However, for a team that is more power-oriented, center might be his best fit (assuming he is able to learn how to snap the ball). His frame suits the position well, as does his ability to double-team before releasing upfield. Generally, centers have to be quicker and more athletic than guards, and Lindstrom has that -- and would be a good fit as a puller in man-gap schemes, as well as in inside-zone. His quickness to the second level could help turn modest runs into bigger gainers, as well as open up screen passes.

The Giants run a scheme which not only gets the quarterback out in space, but uses screen passes, and both zone and man blocking concepts. All of that, and his positional versatility, make Lindstrom an intriguing prospect for the Giants.