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Giants news, 1/17: Kyler Murray, QB choices dominate headlines — of course

Let’s check your Thursday morning headlines

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New York Giants v Tennessee Titans Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Good morning, New York Giants fans!

What are the odds Kyler Murray winds up with the Giants? Well, here is how one Las Vegas bookmaker sees it:

Raiders +325
Jaguars +350
Giants +400
Cardinals +500
Dolphins +800
Bucs +1200
Broncos +800
Steelers +1400
Bengals +900

Here is a little more Murray discussion.

Kyler Murray enters the NFL Draft — what happens now and why the system is pointing him away from baseball | The Athletic

This one is subscription only, but gives us a good idea why Murray is likely to play football.

Is Kyler Murray’s future brighter in NFL than MLB?

Recapping a demolition: What happened to the players Giants GM Dave Gettleman let go this season – The Athletic

Another subscription only piece. This one looks at how many of the players the Giants let go last season performed in new homes. It does not paint the decisions by Giants GM Dave Gettleman in a good light.

Detroit Lions DI Damon Harrison named PFF’s Run Defender Of The Year | NFL Analysis | Pro Football Focus

‘Snacks’ was, of course, one of the players the Giants moved on from. They certainly didn’t do it because of performance on the field.

Top 25 NFL free agents of 2019: Defenders dominate rankings -

We will see lots of lists like this before free agency starts, and probably make a few of our own. Anyone on this list appeal to you?

The dizzying array of Giants QB options facing Dave Gettleman

Yes, the Giants have a lot of options. Getting this right for the long term, whether they do it this offseason or next, is the key to the tenures of Gettleman and coach Pat Shurmur.