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Giants’ QB decision: Analysts — Eli Manning will be the Giants’ starter in 2019

Respondents are unanimous

New York Giants v Indianapolis Colts
Eli Manning
Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

When he held his season-ending press conference, GM Dave Gettleman wouldn’t commit fully to Eli Manning as the quarterback of the New York Giants in 2019.

“My commitment is to make this team the best team it can be,” Gettleman said. “If that happens to have Eli playing quarterback it does.”

That was on Jan. 2. Nearly two full weeks later, no puff of blue smoke has come from 1925 Giants Drive to announce one way or another what will happen for the team at quarterback in the upcoming season.

I put the question of what the Giants should do at quarterback to a number of analysts. Interestingly, every response I received expressed the belief that Manning will be the quarterback for the Giants when the 2019 season opens.


“Who do you believe “will” be the Giants QB in 2019? And, who “would” the quarterback be if you were making the decision?”

Below, the responses.


Emory Hunt, Football GamePlan

Will: Eli
Would: [Dwayne] Haskins

Eli is under contract for one more year, so it makes some sense to go into the season with him as the starter.

Haskins, in my opinion, is exactly what the Giants offense needs from the QB position. He can accurately attack all levels of the field. And I wouldn’t hesitate to roll with him from Day 1.

Short term strategy, with a look to the future; I’d give Eli 4 games max before handing the keys over to Haskins.

Sam Monson, Pro Football Focus

Will be? Eli.

If it was me, would be? Kyler Murray. Can you imagine the human freak show of skill position triplets of Murray at QB, Saquon at RB and OBJ at WR???

Murray had PFF grades right up there with Baker Mayfield (albeit over 1 year, not 3), and has waaaaay more athleticism. He’s a legit QB prospect and if he enters the draft he should be the first QB taken, 5’9 be-damned.

Matt Williamson, Locked on NFL

I think Eli will and should be the starter, but ideally, they draft someone like Haskins as the obvious heir apparent.

Dan Hatman, The Scouting Academy

I think it will be Eli. I would have traded #2 or taken a QB last year. The draft slot vs. the QB market this year is a bit strange and if Dave [Gettleman] goes BPA and doesn’t trade down, I wouldn’t be surprised to see QB wait until Round 2.

Dave-Te Thomas, Scouting Services Inc.

2019 Season opener likely - Eli

2019 Week 4-to-season finale - whoever they draft

Who I’d take: Round One - Haskins, but with all those DL guys out there, Ed Oliver at #6, Daniel Jones at #38.

Kyler Murray thoughts - “Dude is so small, he could sleep in a sock.”

Christian D’Andrea, SB Nation

Eli Manning will be the Giants’ QB, even though he’s got an acceptable dead cap hit ($6.2m), because New York doesn’t have anyone else, and throwing a rookie quarterback to the wolves behind New York’s embattled offensive line is borderline cruelty.

Final thoughts

The results here really are not a surprise. In betting parlance, Manning is the chalk. He will be the starting quarterback ... until he’s not.