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Giants news, 1/11: Could Ben McAdoo be on his way back into the NFL?

Ex-Giants coach interviewing with Arizona Cardinals

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at New York Giants
Ben McAdoo
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, New York Giants fans!

Ben McAdoo seeking NFL return on Kliff Kingsbury’s staff | New York Post

McAdoo couldn’t find a job in 2018 after being let go by the Giants. Personally, I always felt one of the biggest issues with McAdoo was that the only offensive system he knew was the one he learned from Mike McCarthy, and over the years defenses have caught up to the simplicity of that. As association with someone like Kingsbury, who runs a completely different system, might be an eye-opener for McAdoo. He is still young and can still be a successful coach in the NFL — provided he learns from his failures with the Giants.

Kyler Murray a Giants answer? Opinions vary on QB's NFL future | New York Post

What happens with Murray will be fascinating. Here, one longtime NFL scout says he “would not waste a first-round pick on him.” Another says “I think Kyler Murray can take a team and win with a team in the NFL with him at quarterback.’’

Who will be right?

Ex-Giants defensive tackle Barry Cofield pleads innocent in 2018 cop-car crash, heroin bust - NY Daily News

Around the NFL

With the Giants already deep into their offseason, we will at times expand our morning headlines to look at some of the bigger stories around the league.

Diversity group places no pressure on Dolphins to hire minority | Miami Herald

That doesn’t means the Fritz Pollard Alliance is happy that no minority head coaches have been hired in this cycle.

“The thing we’re looking at, I’ll be very open and frank with you, I’m very much surprised at some of the hirings that have been done so far. Like anything else, different people like different things, so that’s what you have to deal with, PFA chairman John Wooten said.

“However, I feel that the searches in all places, they had diversity of interviews. You said, which we’re all aware, no minorities have been hired. We hope some will be.”

All the reasons the Cardinals’ decision to hire Kliff Kingsbury is troubling | The Undefeated

Dominique Foxworth is not happy about Kingsbury’s new job, especially since it comes at the expense of a black coach who got only one season to try and prove himself.

There is no good reason for an NFL team to hire Kliff Kingsbury as its head coach. There is not even a plausible bad reason to hire Kliff Kingsbury. Kliff Kingsbury himself had to be shocked when his agent called to let him know that an NFL team had interest in interviewing him. Had he thought it was a possibility, he wouldn’t have signed on to become the offensive coordinator at USC.

Let me be clear: I don’t begrudge Kingsbury this ultimate finesse. Honestly, I am impressed and admire his ingenuity. Thanks to the success of Sean McVay, we are in a young, handsome, offensive genius bubble, the perfect market for Kingsbury to sell himself. And as the saying goes: You only need one sucker.

But I can’t understand how the Arizona Cardinals arrived at this decision.

Sam Shields’ two-year journey back to the NFL from concussion |

With all of the concern — and lack of understanding — there is regarding concussions, this is a story football fans should read.