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Giants special teams coach Thomas McGaughey undergoing cancer treatments

Many have wondered why former special teams coach Tom Quinn was brought back in the spring to help current special teams coach Thomas McGaughey. Well, Thursday we learned that McGaughey — absent much of the time in recent months — has been undergoing cancer treatments.

McGaughey met with reporters on Thursday and said he underwent a procedure during the offseason to remove a growth in his bowel duct, during which cancer was discovered in that growth. He has been undergoing chemotherapy treatments for what he said was approximately the past two months.

“It’s going good,” the coach told the media.

Giants general manager Dave Gettleman has also been undergoing treatments for lymphoma, and appears to be in remission. The two also worked together with the Carolina Panthers.

“We share chemotherapy stories,” McGaughey said with a smile. “It is what it is. Just gotta fight through it.”

McGaughey said he has a couple of treatments remaining, but his recent scan was “fine.”

McGaughey told reporters he would continue to coach, and that he never thought about missing the season.

“As a football coach you don’t think about that stuff. You get up, you do what you do abnd live life,” McGaughey said. “I’m not gonna let any chemotherapy or cancer or anything else get in the way of what I do. I’m a father, I’m a football coach and that’s what I do.

“Nobody care. They’re not going to feel sorry for you. It’s get up, go to work and you’ve gotta earn your paycheck.”

There were some football-related questions for McGaughey, as well.

On his reaction if coach Pat Shurmur lets Saquon Barkley and Odell Beckham Jr, return kicks

“Thank God ... pretty simple.”

“These guys are play makers. Any time you get a chance to put play makers out on the field, give you the best chance to win, that’s what you want to do. You’re trying to win the game,” McGaughey said.

“Both those guys are special athletes. Whenever you get a chance to get the ball in the hands of a special athlete you want to do it.”

On the punting progress of Riley Dixon

“Riley’s getting better. He’s taking the coaching,” McGaughey said. “We made some minor adjustments as far as how he warms up, getting him a settled in routine. He’s coming along.”

On changes made by placekicker Aldrick Rosas

“More mental than anything. He has a ton of talent. In his mind, he has to have confidence into himself, and just be able to repeat the same process, tedious process over and over again – in his mind as far as being able to take some steps back, see the target, and just relax and swing through the ball,” McGaughey said. “He’s just one year out. He’s getting better.”