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John Jenkins: 4 things to know about Giants new defensive tackle

Ex-Bear, Saint is now likely to be the backup for ‘Snacks’

Cleveland Browns v Chicago Bears
John Jenkins
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Who would be the backup for Damon Harrison at nose tackle? That was one of the many questions the Giants faced this summer. B.J. Hill? Well, yeah, except he earned a starting job next to ‘Snacks.’ Veterans A.J. Francis and Robert Thomas. Nah, waived. Josh Banks? His time on the roster last about a day.

That job will apparently fall to John Jenkins, a 2013 third-round pick of the New Orleans Saints who spent the last two seasons with the Chicago Bears. We turned to Lester Wiltfong of SB Nation’s Bears website, Windy City Gridiron, to learn more about the 6-foot-3, 327-pound 29-year-old.

Ed: Why did the Bears let him go?

Lester: Jenkins only really played as Eddie Goldman’s back up at nose tackle last year. He had 109 snaps on defense last year, while playing in eight games, and while I thought he was decent while in there, the Bears decided to keep a more versatile sixth defensive lineman.

Ed: What are his strengths? Weaknesses?

Lester: He’s good against the run, as can be expected at 330 pounds. His weaknesses are that he’s really only a 1st down or goal line player. Not must versatility from him.

Ed: The Giants will likely use him to spell Damon Harrison at the nose. Is that a role in which he should succeed?

Lester: If that’s the plan, he’ll be a fine player for the Giants. A few snaps here and there, a spot start if Harrison is hurt, and that’s exactly what his role should be.

Ed: What can you tell us about him off the field? What kind of guy is he?

Lester: Honestly, there wasn’t known about him during his year in Chicago. He’s a head down and play football kind of guy.

Finally, a bonus question I couldn’t help tossing out for Lester to have some fun with.

Ed: Couldn’t the Bears have waited until a year when they don’t play the Giants to trade for Khalil Mack?

Lester: Nope! The Bears feel they are ready to compete this season. They have the head coach and quarterback in place that they believe in, they added a bunch of talent to the offense in the offseason, they kept a good defense intact -- including defensive coordinator Vic Fangio, they spent their first round pick on Roquan Smith, and now Khalil Mack shores up their glaring weakness of who is going to get consistent pressure.