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5 things to know about new Giants cornerback Michael Jordan

We’re still trying to catch up with all the new faces

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Houston Texans
Michael Jordan
Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

One of the trio of defensive backs awarded to the New York Giants via waivers on Sunday was Michael Jordan, formerly of the Cleveland Browns. And, yeah. maybe we’ll just call him Mike.

Anyway, we reached out to our friends at SB Nation’s Browns website, Dawgs By Nature, and Chris Pokorny gave us a little background on Jordan.

Ed: Why did the Browns cut him?

Chris: The Browns made the decision to completely revamp the corner position this offseason because the organization felt the team lacked speed there. They drafted Denzel Ward at No. 4 overall, and then signed three cornerbacks in free agency, all of whom made the team. Jordan was one of two holdovers from a year ago, so he simply got caught in a numbers game.

Ed: Is he a slot corner or outside guy?

Chris: I can only speak that he was utilized as an outside corner during his time with Cleveland.

Ed: What are his strengths, weaknesses?

Chris: In limited action last year, it looked like he belonged and tackled well. I wish I could speak more technically on his abilities, but he didn’t see enough playing time to find specific strengths or weaknesses.

Ed: What, if anything, should we know about him as a person?

Chris: People joked at first about his name being Michael Jordan. But during his time on the roster, he was labeled as Mike Jordan. He had ties to Gregg Williams with the Rams in 2016, so this will be a new experience for him playing under a different coordinator.

Ed: Are you surprised he got claimed?

Chris: I’m not too surprised he was claimed. In fact, Cleveland had two cornerbacks who were claimed. Waivers is how the Browns got his services last year at this time too.