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Twitter reacts to the Giants’ victory

Let’s see the social media reaction

NFL: New York Giants at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Giants fans everywhere were in panic mode after they started 0-2 for the second year in a row. No one was safe from the scrutiny. But fans can now relax as they knocked off the Texans 27-22. The overall performance was night and day from what we saw in the first two weeks. People all across Twitter had plenty to say about the game.

Another huge improvement came from a more balanced approach to the play calling, and not abandoning the run game early. Barkley saw a bump in his carriers from 11 to 17, and Eli did not launch 40 plus passes.

This revitalized game plan paved the way for 379 total yards of offense, 114 rush yards, and 297 passing yards from manning.

Flowers did a great job staying on the bench and being as far away from game as possible. If you think about it, he technically didn’t give up any sacks or QB hits.

Giants fans everywhere can rest easy tonight now that they have secured their first victory of the year. Today was finally a full, complete game across the board. In particular it is a foundation for them to build on going forward and learn from. But they need to come ready to play next weekend against the mighty New Orleans Saints.