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Giants news, 9/11: Shurmur remains optimistic, Eli’s helmet trouble, more

Let’s get to your Tuesday headlines

Jacksonville Jaguars v New York Giants Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

Good morning, New York Giants fans! Let’s look at your headlines as the Giants begin to turn the page from the Jacksonville Jaguars and look toward Sunday’s upcoming game against the Dallas Cowboys.

Shurmur: “Keep moving” after opening loss

Per data provided by the Giants, Sunday was the 20th straight NFL season-opening game Pat Shurmur has been involved in as a coach. The teams he was on are 8-12 in those games, but Shurmur has been on teams that lost openers and went on to finish 12-4 twice and 11-5.

“I’ve been involved in a lot of first games of the season,” Shurmur said. “You just move forward. That’s the important thing is you move forward. You learn from the mistakes you made, you build on the things you did well and you just keep moving. That’s the important piece. That may get old as we go through these Mondays with me saying that, but you can win a game and still go through that process. When you lose a game, it hurts more, but you still go through the same process.”

Two-point conversion an audible

Coach Pat Shurmur said Monday that Eli Manning audibled from a pass to a run on Sunday’s failed two-point conversion attempt.

“I made the right audible based on what we talked about,” Manning said. “Just didn’t make it.”

Helmet malfunction

The curious timeout on the first play of the second half came because Manning’s helmet radio didn’t work.

“I had a hard time hearing Coach Shurmur a few times (in the first half). I didn’t think anything was necessarily real wrong with it. Then the first play of the second half, it just cut out completely, and then they got a new helmet,” Manning said. “Then after that, it was much clearer the whole second half than it was the first half. So, I guess I just had a bad connection or whatever. I’m not sure.”

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