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3 questions about the Cleveland Browns

Getting to know tonight’s Giants opponent

NFL: Cleveland Browns-Training Camp
Baker Mayfield
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

We usually do 5 questions with a writer covering the team opposing the New York Giants. Big Blue View gets a preseason, too, though so today we have 3 questions about the Cleveland Browns with Chris Pokorny of SB Nation’s Dawgs By Nature.

Ed: Tell us about Baker Mayfield. How much will we see him? What should we expect?

Chris: There will be a set number of plays for Tyrod Taylor and the first-team offense, but the rough estimation for the quarterbacks in this first preseason game is the typical one: Taylor will play one quarter, Baker Mayfield will get two quarters, and then someone else will close out the game. Mayfield has had a very efficient camp and his leadership abilities have been praised by teammates, even as a rookie. There is no “competition,” though -- every person in the organization is committed to Taylor starting this year and Mayfield being the backup.

Ed: Pat Shurmur has done an excellent job thus far. Players love the guy. Going back, do Cleveland fans ever wish he was still there?

Chris: Obviously there are plenty of Browns coaches since 1999 who have performed poorly, and even our current one is a pathetic 1-31 over two seasons. But out of all the head coaches, Pat Shurmur was probably the person who people cared least about. His dull mannerisms talking to the press didn’t win him any favors, and for being an offensive specialist in St. Louis (at the time as a coordinator), there was nothing groundbreaking introduced into Cleveland’s offense. It’s good to see that he was put in a better situation in Minnesota as a coordinator, though, and I’m sure he has learned greatly from the mistakes he made as a head coach the first time around. I wish I could be more specific, but all of these bad coaches year after year tend to start blending into each other that you forget who did what wrong.

Ed: Tell us about a few players we may not know, but might take note of Thursday?

Chris: On offense, be on the lookout for rookie running back Nick Chubb, a power runner. Cleveland has three running backs who could all legitimately be labeled a starter, and it hasn’t quite been settled which back will be featured. On defense, defensive tackle Larry Ogunjobi is incredibly powerful at pushing linemen back. Also, cornerback Terrance Mitchell was recently promoted to the first-team defense, but that position is still unsettled in terms of competition.

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