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Giants news notes, 8/4: Evan Engram on drops, Mark Herzlich, more

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Let’s check today’s headlines

NFL: New York Giants-Training Camp
Evan Engram catches a pass during training camp. TODAY NETWOR

Good morning, New York Giants fans! Here are some headlines for you as you start your weekend.

Evan Engram: ‘I’m supposed to have all of them’

As we mentioned in our Friday practice report, Evan Engram had a dropped pass on Friday. That wasn’t the only play he felt he should have made during the workout.

“I feel like I’m supposed to have all of them,” he said. “There was one, during one of the earlier periods, down the field, defense made a good play, down in their zone. Should’ve came down with it, should’ve – got to stay in bounds as well. Definitely some I want to have back.”

Engram led all tight ends with 11 drops last season, and the Giants as a team dropped the most catchable balls in the league. Coach Pat Shurmur has made catching the ball a point of emphasis.

“This is just something that’s known, like a focal point each and every day,” Engram said. “He said that we had the most drops in the league last year as a team and we if clean up some of those drops and we can get more wins. It’s definitely a focal point that he’s brought up to us as a team, as an offense and as skill players, you got to catch the ball and you know how important it is.”

Mark Herzlich

After missing last season due to a stinger, Mark Herzlich is in camp trying to extend a remarkable career with the Giants that began in 2011 after he recovered from Ewing’s sarcoma.

“I think anytime something’s taken away, you realize what’s important to you,” Herzlich said. “Doesn’t matter what’s taken away. But you start to evaluate what are these things in my life that are important to me, and football is definitely one of them. The first time, obviously with cancer, it was a little bit different, because I had to make medical decisions based on what I wanted my football future to look like. This time it was, ‘I’m going to come back and play again, it’s just in terms of when.’ ”

Herzlich is in the mix for one of reserve inside linebacker spots.

“I went into the offseason thinking very clearly that I wanted to come back,” Herzlich said. “I love being a Giant. I knew that, obviously, Dave [Gettleman] was here when I was here before, but you never know, because it’s a whole new group.

“I treat every year like it was my rookie year, regardless. That means you have to come out there and prove yourself every year. I’ve had three D-coordinators since I’ve been here. You have to constantly keep working.”

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