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Sights and sounds of Giants camp: Practice number eight

The sights, sounds, and moments from the Giants’ eighth practice

NFL: New York Giants-Training Camp TODAY NETWOR

It might be a hot, humid August day in East Rutherford, N.J., but the New York Giants are on the practice field.

Not only is Friday the Giants’ eighth practice, but it is also a special practice because today is the day of the Big Blue View meet-up at training camp.

We hope everyone could get to practice and enjoy the show, as well as hang out under the BBV banner.

We hope everyone has fun at the BBV meet-up. But for everyone who couldn’t make it for practice and the meet-up, let’s go to the practice field for the sights and sounds of Friday’s practice

The Giants want to dial the physicality back a bit today, and are just practicing in uppers and helmets.

First we have receivers Odell Beckham Jr. Sterling Shepard, Russell Shepard, and Alonzo Russell working on their footwork.

Feet look good, now how about those hands?

Yeah, the hands look pretty good. That’s enough individual work...

On to team drills!

Starting out, we have a rough rep for rookie QB Kyle Lauletta.

The defense was active today, with multiple players coming up with interceptions, including this one from Ray-Ray Armstrong. It seems as though Webb just didn’t see him in the middle of the field.

It wasn’t all defense, however, and the offense got on the board.

Safe ... @obj #nygiants

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Finally, Beckham must be in a good mood today, because he was having some fun when he wasn’t snagging touchdowns:

Odell’s reaction when he saw me snapping a video of him in drills.

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