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Giants news, 8/27: Jon Halapio gains a job but loses a friend, more news

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Let’s check today’s Giants headlines

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Kansas City Chiefs v New York Giants
Brett Jones
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Good morning, New York Giants fans! Let’s get right to the headlines for your Monday morning.

Jon Halapio: “Sucks to see my friend go”

It has been obvious for months now that Jon Halapio would be the Giants starting center. Sunday’s trade of Brett Jones to the Minnesota Vikings served to reiterate that. It also left Halapio without one of his best friends, a player who helped him acclimate to the center position.

“I’m happy for him, it sucks to see my friend go. That’s the tough part about this business, you build relationships like this, but you know that sometimes it doesn’t go that way for us to be together forever, it’s not a marriage,” Halapio said. “I’m happy for him, it’s closer to home for him and he gets an opportunity to go out there and play and display his talents and what he brings to the game, he’s a good player.”

Halapio said his approach is to still work as though he is competing for the job.

“It still doesn’t cross my mind. I’m still competing like I’m not the starter,” Halapio said. “I’m just going to keep approaching it that way until Week 1 and focus on trying to get everyone on the same page and get this running game going. Just try to improve one day at a time.

Jonathan Stewart and his “goldfish memory”

Coach Pat Shurmur expressed confidence over the weekend that Jonathan Stewart’s rough preseason is not an indication that the 31-year-old can no longer succeed at the NFL level.

Stewart is trying not to focus on his lack of preseason production.

“I think this is a time, obviously, where you have an opportunity to work on your craft whether it’s practice, preseason games. Getting to gel with the first teams, whatever teams you’re a part of, making the most of your opportunities,” Stewart said. “Also learn how not to dwell on certain things. At the end of day, goldfish memory because once something bad goes wrong, you have to learn how to bounce back and more forward to the next play because time is going to continue to tick.”

He called his fumble Friday “a minor error, major mess up.”

Despite the lack of production (10 preseason carries, -5 yards, a long run of 4 yards) Stewart said his summer has “been good.”

“A lot of my practice reps, a lot of things that I’ve been putting out on film for preseason, I felt like I’ve been doing everything I’ve supposed to have been doing,” he said.

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