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Shurmur’s expectations for Giants OL: “That they are going to do a good job blocking”

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Well, that’s simple and straightforward

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Much of coach Pat Shurmur’s press scrum following the New York Giants Monday practice was devoted to questions about the rebuilt offensive line. So, let’s focus on that in today’s ‘takeaways.’

What does the coach expect at this point?

Well, it comes down to Shurmur expects the linemen to be able to do their jobs.

“They should be in a position where they block well, run and pass, that’s what we are looking for. The amount of training we have to together, it is what it is. We all have the same. We’re not the only offensive line with changes. We probably have more than some places,” Shurmur said. “We went through this a year ago in Minnesota, it can be done. We have got players that are playing hard, and they’re playing together. We’ll just expect that they are going to do a good job blocking.”

Are the Giants settled with the linemen they want to keep?

Umm, the answer would be “no.”

“I think we are still a little unsettled in terms of determining who that full unit is. There’s a lot of decisions to be made, we’re not done deciding who are going to be the linemen on our 53,” Shurmur said. “We may keep one more lineman than usual, who knows. We have to figure that out. You always know going through, ‘okay, if we had to play tomorrow, who are the five starters, who is the inside swing guy, who is the outside swing guy?’ Maybe there are games when you keep eight active, depending on what the rest of the roster looks like.”

On why he moved the linemen together in the Giants locker room

“It’s that big oval shape in the locker room. I think you should sit with your position groups,” Shurmur said. “We’re going to go as far as that line will block for us, I think it’s important that they’re together in everything that they do. Even if they’re sitting next to one another, they may talk about something that happened in practice or in a meeting that they wouldn’t shout across the locker room about, so I think it’s smart to sit with your position groups.”