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Odell Beckham, Giants talking about new contract — ESPN

So, what might the deal look like?

NFL: New York Giants-Training Camp
Odell Beckham catches a pass. Is he about to catch a new contract? TODAY NETWOR

ESPN reported Thursday morning that the New York Giants have opened contract negotiations with star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., news that comes just days after co-owner John Mara said those talks would start “pretty soon.”

So, what will a deal for Beckham ultimately look like?

Back in March, Patricia Traina broke down for us how she thought the Giants might structure an eventual Beckham deal.

Former agent and current CBS Sports cap analyst Joel Corry projected the type of contract he thought Beckham and the Giants would eventually agree to.

Corry wrote that the two sides “should have a new contract in place before the Giants’ regular season opener against the Jaguars on September 9 since the parties seem to be motivated to reach an agreement.”

From Beckham’s perspective, Corry said “Any offer that doesn’t reach $18 million per year with at least $55 million in guarantees where a minimum of $40 million is fully guaranteed at signing ought to be rejected.”

If the Giants make Beckham the first $20 million per year wide receiver in the NFL, Corry projected that the deal could look like this:

Average per year: $20 million
Overall guarantees: $64.459 million
Fully guaranteed: $47 million
Three-year cash flow: $64.459 million
First three New Years: $66 million
Contract length: Five-year Extension

We will see how this all turns out. It seems relatively certain Beckham will wind up as the game’s highest-paid wide receiver. For now, just good to know that the conversation has begun.