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Rookie Report: how the rookies played against the Detroit Lions

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Saquon was out, but the Giants had other rookies on the field in Detroit

NFL: New York Giants at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants had to play without Saquon Barkley in their preseason game against the Detroit Lions, but the other rookies on the roster got a chance to make an impact. Just about every rookie got more playing time than they did in Week 1 regardless of where they stand on the roster.

Let’s take a look at how they did Friday night in Detroit.

Will Hernandez, OL

26 offensive snaps (44 percent)

Hernandez and the starting offensive line got a lot more run in the second preseason game. While some parts of the line had their struggles against the Lions, Hernandez had a much better showing than in his debut against the Browns.

On the first pass play of the game, Hernandez picked up a delayed stunt among the defensive tackles that allowed Davis Webb time to complete a 10-yard pass to Rhett Ellison.

On the following drive, the Giants tried to pick up a first down on the ground on a 2nd and 1. They ran behind Hernandez, who pushed Sylvester Williams all the way back and to the ground to complete the play.

At the end of the first quarter the Lions ran another stunt, this time with an end and tackle against Hernandez and Nate Solder. Again Hernandez picked it up, though pressure was allowed on the other side of the line. Communication and comfortability between Hernandez and Solder on the left side of the line appears to already be what Giants had hoped.

Lorenzo Carter, LB

29 defensive snaps (39 percent)

Carter was much more active against the run, but still had some issues on pass plays when he was lined up as strictly a pass rusher. He did have a sack on a 3rd and 5 called back because of a questionable lowering the head penalty on Mark Herzlich, who was the second defender in on the hit. Carter would have picked up the sack on his own had Herzlich not also gotten to the quarterback. It helped that Lions quarterback Jake Rudock did back himself into a deeper drop than his left tackle was expecting, but good on Carter to recognize that and get outside of Taylor Decker.

B.J. Hill, DL

11 defensive snaps (14 percent)

For the second straight game., B.J. Hill barely played. But not barely played in a bad way — he was with the starting defensive line that was rotated out quicker than the other first-team units on the field. Hill’s 11 snaps were the second fewest on defense ahead of only William Gay’s seven, though they were right in line with Damon Harrison and Dalvin Tomlinson, who both played 13.

Hill did make an impact on the limited snaps, though, and had a quarterback hit working as a defensive tackle in a four man front. He snuck through two blocks on a stunt with Kerry Wynn to rush a pass on a third down.

Kyle Lauletta, QB

18 offensive snaps (31 percent)

Somehow Lauletta only threw five passes on the night and three of them were badly overthrown. He did have a sixth when he ran to his right off play-action and threw a jump pass back to his left, but that ball was underthrown and caused a defensive pass interference penalty.

The three sailed passes were troubling and not particularly close to being completed. Though after one on second down, he came back to step up in the pocket and deliver a strike to Jerell Adams on third down.

Of course the highlight of Lauletta’s night was the 10-yard scramble for a touchdown off a play-action bootleg where he made multiple Lions miss on his way to the end zone.

Still, it was a disappointing performance and amount of playing time for the quarterback who flashed the most during the first preseason game.

Grant Haley, CB

60 defensive snaps (78 percent)

The coaching staff clearly wanted to get Haley some time on the field. His 60 snaps led the defensive by a fair amount — Mark Herzlich had the second-most snaps at 45 and Ray-Ray Armstrong was third at 35. But Haley’s night was long enough to experience quite and few ups and downs. Earlier in his night, he allowed a completion on a comeback from Marvin Jones and a completion to T.J. Jones while he was all over the receiver. He was also behind Jones on the pass that bounced off the the receivers hands, but Haley was there to deflect the ball up into Ray-Ray Armstrong’s arms for an interception.

Haley was also victim to the referees letting some physical play from the wide receivers go uncalled. A touchdown to T.J. Jones should have been called offensive pass interference with an extended push well past the five-yard gace area.

There were some other hits and misses during the game. Haley’s great at reading plays in front of him and breaking in off his man on a ball carrier. He did that a few times during the game, but one came with a missed tackle. He also had a nice pass breakup late in the game in the end zone.

Robert Martin, RB

14 offensive snaps (24 percent)

Martin had the most impressive night of the running backs, nothing against Wayne Gallman. Over the two preseason games, Martin has been the best running back at reading the line in front of him. He had a 16-yard touchdown late in the fourth quarter with a nice bounce outside when the middle was clogged.

It’s still yet to be known if the Giants will keep more than three running backs — Jonathan Stewart’s lackluster performance might be more influential there than those of the potential fourth backs — but Martin has made the case it should be him if that roster spot is open.

Sean Chandler, S

29 defensive snaps (38 percent)

Chandler made three tackles on the night, all of which were in cleanup duty of missed plays in front of him. His tackles came after gains of 16, 7, and 26 yards. If he’s going to make the team it will be on special teams, but after a nice game on that unit in Week 1, he didn’t make any plays there against Detroit.

Mike Basile, DB

12 defensive snaps (16 percent)

Basile, an undrafted free agent of of Monmouth University in New Jersey and alum of Brick Memorial High School (go Mustangs!), was signed last week and got some run at the end of the game. He was credited with a sack, but it reality it was a nice play across the field to cut off Jake Rudock from scoring on a scramble to the corner of the end zone.