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Post-game quotebook: What the Giants were saying after loss to Cleveland

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Saquon Barkley on his run, Eli Manning, Pat Shurmur, more

NFL: Cleveland Browns at New York Giants
Robert Thomas (99) sacks Cleveland quarterback Baker Masfield.
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

What were members of the New York Giants saying Thursday night after their preseason-opening 20-10 loss to the Cleveland Browns? Let’s go inside the locker room and find out.

Saquon Barkley on his 39-yard run ...

“The offensive line did a great job of creating space and creating a hole. I was able to have patience and Evan (Engram) did an unbelievable job of blocking on the backside, and I was able to burst through the hole, make a guy miss and get up field.”

Eli Manning on Barkley’s 39-yard run

Eli Manning on the play of the new offensive line ...

“I think it went well. I thought everybody was on the same page – making some calls, making some checks, changing some protections, and everything. I think everybody is doing the right things. No delay of games or those types of things. I thought the communication went smoothly. Now, it’s just cleaning some things up. We left some plays out there.”

Coach Pat Shurmur on the loss ...

“it’s important that we learn about our team in these preseason games. You want to win the games, and it’s always the same in the locker room when you don’t win. You get that feeling of disappointment that you didn’t win the game, but on the flip side, there were moments, there were stretches of this game that were positive, there were things that we did that were positive. ... there’s a lot that we can learn from, the players can all learn from. I think the guys that played today got better in some ways.”

Davis Webb on his rough night ...

“I was pumped up. It was my first time playing in a year, so I think the biggest thing was kind of just take a deep breath, let the game come to you. Again, I’m not too worried about it. I know I could make those throws and I know I will.”

Robert Thomas on his sack of Baker Mayfield ...

Thomas, a defensive tackle, rudely tossed Mayfield to the ground as if he was taking out the trash. It wasn’t a body slam, more like Thomas just tossed him away. He was asked if he is allowed to do that to the first overall pick in the draft.

“I’m not sure. He had to get down. I had to get him down. ... There’s so many rules now I knew I couldn’t fall on him. My best bet was to just grab him and kinda throw him outta the way.”