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Sights, sounds of Giants’ camp: Team gets back to work

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After a day off, the Giants were back to practice on Wednesday

NFL: New York Giants-Training Camp TODAY NETWOR

After five straight days of practice — three consecutive padded practices — to open training camp, the New York Giants got a day off on Tuesday. After a day to re-charge, the Giants were back outside for practice in soupy New Jersey.

As we did for the first week of practice, we want to bring the sights and sounds of Giants camp to everyone who can’t make it to the Meadowlands to watch in person.

To the practice field!

We heard about what Damon Harrison thought about his defensive linemates in pre-practice media availability (spoilers: Snacks is impressed). Well, here they are in action:

The NFL has issued new rules on all players lowering their heads. Here, we see the defensive backs training to tackle in the “strike zone.”

On the offensive side of the ball, Kalif Raymond might be giving coaches some things to think about.

Special teams is getting work done before team periods as well.

And now the team period. Evan Engram had a drop in 7-on-7 drills, but showed why he is dangerous once the full team was on the field.

The starting offensive line might be starting to string good plays together.

Heck of a job by #nygiants offensive line here on a run by @saquon.

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And as we’ve seen in previous days, just because the practice is over, that doesn’t mean that the practicing is done.