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Giants’ linebackers coach calls Connor Barwin “a true professional”

Takeaways from McGovern’s time with the media on Sunday

Los Angeles Rams v Tennessee Titan Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

With training camp underway, the Giants’ 2018 season is drawing closer and closer. \With the season drawing closer, Giants’ linebacker coach Bill McGovern spoke with the media on various topics, let's look at some takeaways from his time with the media.

On being reunited with Connor Barwin ...

I’m excited to have Connor on the team,” McGovern said. “He brings obviously a number of years of experience and also success on the field. He’s a guy who is a true professional, but he also adds some athleticism to our team and some proven leadership.”

On whether he thinks Barwin has a lot left ...

“Absolutely,” McGovern said. “We saw him on the first day, he’s a guy who has always kept himself in tremendous shape. He comes ready to play all the time, he’s a consummate professional, he works at his craft all the time, he’s always trying to improve, trying to find something to give himself an edge.”

On what else Barwin brings ...

It’s great to have Connor here obviously,” McGovern said. “He’s a true professional, proven leader, good person, just a guy you enjoy having in the room. Again, he adds something to the room. We’re always trying to add guys who can add something to the room.”

On the adjustment of Olivier Vernon to OLB ...

“Yes. I think any defense fits him,” McGovern said. “I think he’s that kind of a football player. He’s strong, he’s powerful, he’s smart, he works at his craft, he’s a true professional, again, in terms of being prepared and coming here and showing up and going to work. I think it plays him in space, we can rush him outside, we can bring him inside, there’s a lot of different things, so he’s hard to key on a little bit when he’s bouncing around on the edges.”

On the effect Alec Ogletree has had on B.J. Goodson

“I think it’s been great,” McGovern said. “Again, having more proven leaders around, having good people in the room, you just kind of rub off on each other. You see good things, you hear other things that maybe somebody did or he might give him a heads-up like, hey, ‘I did this or I tried that, why don’t you try doing it this way? It can only help you get better.’”