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Giants CB Janoris Jenkins “shocked” by news of friend killed in his New Jersey home

Jackrabbit hasn’t spoken to his brother since the death of Roosevelt Rene

SiriusXM at Super Bowl LI Radio Row Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Fans of the New York Giants, and the Giants themselves, were rocked when reports emerged in late June that the body of Roosevelt Rene had been found in the basement of a home belonging to cornerback Janoris Jenkins.

Jenkins was asked about the tragic incident on Sunday, during media access before the team’s fourth practice.

The cornerback voiced what would probably be the most common reaction to hearing that a friend had died in his home. Jenkins said, “It’s shocking. But I’ve still got to come out and play football. Right now, my main focus is to get better every day with my teammates and stay focused.

“My main focus has always been football. Anything that happened I can’t control because I wasn’t there. I’m just coming back, getting back, getting with my team and excited to be here.”

It was quickly confirmed that Jenkins, n Florida at the time of Rene’s death, was not involved in any way. Jenkins himself eventually confirmed that the deceased was a friend of his, with whom he was working on a musical collaboration.

Sunday, Jenkins said that he would eventually release the music the two worked on together, saying, “I’m going to do it, but right now I’m focused on football. That will come out later, once everything is over with.”

Jenkins’ brother has been charged in the death of Rene, and Jenkins admitted that he hasn’t talked to his brother, saying, “I haven’t talked to him, to be honest. But I will to see where his head is at. As far as that, I’m going to leave that off the field.”