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‘Locked on Giants’ podcast wraps up Day 1 of training camp

Pat and Ed talk Giants, and we know you want to hear it

As we look forward to Day 2 of New York Giants training camp, Patricia Traina and yours truly took one last look back at Day 1 on the latest ‘Locked on Giants’ podcast.

Topics included:

  • John Mara saying that contract talks with Odell Beckham Jr. will begin soon.
  • As assessment of some of the quarterback play we saw on Thursday.
  • Some thoughts on the difference in the way Pat Shurmur opened camp vs. what we saw last season.
  • Thoughts on a few players who stood out Thursday.

If you haven’t listed to the podcast before, please do. All of our episodes are available at You can also subscribe via ITunes, Spotify and other platforms.

I am also curious as to whether or not those of you have listened on occasion believe the sound quality is improving.