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Giants news, 7/26: Eli Manning “feels great,” much more as practice begins

Let’s check the headlines as the Giants start their 2018 journey

NFL: New York Jets-Training Camp TODAY NETWOR

Good morning, New York Giants fans! Is your head still spinning after a dizzying day of news as the Giants reported for training camp? Let’s get you caught up before the Giants hit the field Thursday afternoon for the first practice of camp.

Eli Manning “feels great” starting camp

Chris detailed much of what Eli Manning said Wednesday, but he left out one detail. The 37-year-old appears to be feeling frisky heading into camp.

“Arm feels great,” he said, “I feel healthy, feel strong, and feel as good as I have felt going into any

Evan Engram aiming to get better

Tight end Evan Engram had a good rookie season with 64 catches for 722 yards and 6 TDs. He knows, though, that it could have been better. He led all tight ends in drops with 11, failing to catch 10.2 percent of the 108 passes thrown his way.

“I’m really tough on myself. I found little excitement in the good things. But, I find good opportunity in the negatives – and the negatives that I can improve on and get better. I always daydream about going back in time and doing something different on a certain play. I just always find opportunities to get better. It’s exciting to watch good plays, and it’s definitely a good thing to do to remind yourself of the potential and what you can do. I think the opportunities are greater in watching the negatives, and fixing those, and putting yourself in situations in the future, and knowing what you can do and how you can improve.”

Alec Ogletree: Defense could be “really great”

New Giants linebacker Alec Ogletree is excited by the potential of the team’ds rebuilt defense.

“We got an opportunity to be a really great defense. They haven’t been in the top 10 in a minute so it’s definitely my goal is to be in the top five, be the number one defense. If everybody comes in, works hard, and gets on the same page and just do what we need to do every day during practice and go out there on Sundays and prove it we got a good shot at it.

In case you missed it

Some of what we wrote about on Wednesday: