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Giants’ Olivier Vernon: “Everybody is excited to come in, it’s different”

The six-year veteran is ready for a clean slate

Washington Redskins v New York Giants Photo by Ed Mulholland/Getty Images

On Thursday, the New York Giants will have their first training camp practice open to the public. Linebacker Olivier Vernon, one of the key players on defense, spoke to media on Wednesday. Here are some takeaways.

On the new staff and new season

“Yes, a lot of new faces,” Vernon said. “It’s time to get excited and get the pads back on, the season is almost here so everybody can’t wait.”

On differences with Pat Shurmur as coach

“That’s for me to find out,” Vernon said. “I have no idea how he does things for training camp. I think a lot of people are excited to be in the building right now and get things rolling. OTA’s were smooth, a lot of guys had fun, I had fun myself this is something to look forward to.”

On the new defense

Its aggressive, a lot of guys are having fun with that, flying around,” Vernon said. “There is a lot less thinking when it comes down to it. Just getting down pat and getting in the playbook. Once we get the communication down it tends to help guys on the field learn the playbook because everyone is talking amongst each other. It makes it more smooth to delegate all the plays and getting out there and getting after it.”

On running back Saquon Barkley

I can’t wait to see what he has when we get in pads,” Vernon said. “In training camp, we get to hit. He was very impressive in OTA’s. Running around flying around, as quick as he is and as big as he is its pretty impressive.”

On changes with the offense

I feel like as far as the guys they have on offense, especially on the offensive line those guys have a little attitude to them that’s one thing you like to see, especially the young guys,” Vernon said. “We have Hernandez coming in, a very good pick I feel like. He is going to be very good for the line, especially as young as he is. I think the whole offense is rejuvenated and we can wipe everything away from last year. Everybody is excited to come in, its different. A clean slate, different playbooks, different coaches. We got new faces and I think everyone is excited to be here.”

About Shurmur’s message

“He basically said you are starting from zero right now,” Vernon said. “What you put in right now will determine where you are in the end. Only the players can control that. Coaches add the game plan and schemes but the players make it happen. We have to take ownership and believe in what the coaches are preaching. Its basically on us as players.”

On the Giants’ signing of Connor Barwin

Just adds more experience, veteran leadership and a lot more depth,” Vernon said. “We haven’t had a lot of depth the past couple years. It’s going to help us as a team.”