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Former Giants’ backup QB Jared Lorenzen progressing in fight to lose weight

The 37-year-old is suffering from congestive heart failure and pre-diabetes

New York Giants vs Dalas Cowboys

Not all stories go according to plan. For former GiantsSuper Bowl winning quarterback Jared Lorenzen, nothing has gone to plan. Eleven years after winning Super Bowl XLII with the Giants, Lorenzen is fighting for his life, as his weight has led him to develop congestive heart failure and pre-diabetes.

After being diagnosed, Lorenzen weighed 560 pounds and was in danger of losing his life. While he thought that he was in too far deep, he fought and started lifting, eating healthy and working out regularly. He shared his progress on Facebook.

Now, a year after weighing in at about 560 pounds, Lorenzen has lost more than 80 pounds, checking in at 477.

“I think deep down people wanted a face for obesity. No one has ever been the guy that says ‘I’m fat. It’s me.’ I’m going to be the face of this.“

His story was a part of Sunday’s edition of E:60 on ESPN. You can check out the video below.