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Evening discussion: Name your favorite Giants player, past or present

A little something different for you

New York Giants v San Diego Chargers Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

A couple of days ago we tossed out a random question on the Big Blue View Twitter account. We asked “name a Giants player (past or present) you loved for no particular reason?”

We have gotten hundreds of responses, with Lawrence Taylor and other greats, of course, being mentioned. But, the “no particular reason” part of the question has brought wbout some great responses.

Jim Burt, Doug Kotar, Joe Morrison, Bear Pascoe, Mark Bavaro, Ali Haji-Shiekh, Phil McConkey (mine), Homer Jones, Keith Elias, Terrell Thomas, Rosey Grier were among the mentions. Someone even tossed in Dave Brown, though for what reason I have no idea.

Anyway, if you’re not going to be glued to the All-Star Game and need a diversion from the serious stuff, drop your favorites — and your reasons — in the comments.