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Fight! Damon Harrison, Will Hernandez scuffle as mini-camp ends

Nate Solder got rolled up on in the melee

NFL: New York Giants-Minicamp TODAY NETWORK

We have been talking about, really pretty much making light of, several fights rookie guard Will Hernandez has been involved in during New York Giants practices this spring. Well, he got into one with 350-pound defensive tackle Damon Harrison on Wednesday in which punches were thrown and left tackle Nate Solder might have been collateral damage. Not funny at all.

Via Twitter, here is what went down.

Coach Pat Shurmur wasn’t happy with Harrison.

Solder thinks he is OK.

Let’s hope Solder is OK. He’s a critical player for the Giants. And, let’s be thankful that Harrison didn’t connect with Hernandez when swinging that helmet. Surprising to me that the veteran, protecting his turf or not, would lose control like that.