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Mike Shula lauds Eli Manning’s mind, Kyle Lauletta’s calmness, Davis Webb’s arm

Giants’ offensive coordinator assesses his quarterbacks

NFL: New York Giants-Minicamp TODAY NETWORK

Quarterbacks were a major focus of conversation when New York Giants offensive coordinator Mike Shula met with the media on Wednesday.

Beginning with starter Eli Manning, Shula first lauded Manning’s work ethic and professionalism.

“We talk in our profession about coming to work every day, being the same guy, having the guys around you know what to expect from you and he’s the true example of that,“ Shula said. “He’s really worked hard to learn this offense as fast as anybody and again, not just to learn it but to learn all the adjustments.”

Shula said Manning has a ”good feel” for those adjustments and that as far as throwing the ball “his timing is good, he’s been accurate, he knows how to find guys if number one isn’t open.”

As for Manning being 37, Shula said aside from not calling running plays for the quarterback there aren’t any concessions to his age.

“Well, we’re not going to run Q-power, but other than that, he’s been good,” Shula quipped. ”As we know, the guys that are at his age and are playing are in it for a reason, because they understand where they’re at in their careers, they understand their bodies, they understand what they have to get done – Drew Brees, Roethlisberger, Philip Rivers, those guys. Tom Brady is obviously almost in a different class all by himself even being a few years older.

“And Eli is a perfect example that they get that and they know that and their minds are really fast. If there is anything that he maybe lacks because he is a little bit older, he makes up because of his mind being so fast.”

On the progress of rookie quarterback Kyle Lauletta ...

“He’s got – it’s early, we haven’t done anything in pads, we haven’t played any games, but he has a nice calmness about himself that if things don’t go exactly how they are drawn out on the board, his mind works pretty fast so far and he finds the next guy, gets through his progressions. He has a good feel for anticipation and touch and things like that, so I think he’s off to a good start.”

On the improvement by second-year quarterback Davis Webb ...

“I think it’s hard to say exactly where he has taken the biggest jump. He has taken big strides and I think he’s flashed for sure during some practices. I really like his arm strength, he can be really accurate. Again, he will probably be the first to tell you that he can work on his consistency. If everything is not right, finding the outlet and fixing it sometimes. It might not be a great call against that defense, knowing how to fix it, maybe a receiver falls down or whatever or there is a protection and knowing where to go when those things happen. But all those guys are and he is another good example of guys that are really eager to learn the offense as well as they can and he comes to work with the mindset that he wants to prove to himself and everybody in this building that he can play.”