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Ereck Flowers is unhappy with the Giants, per Landon Collins

Landon Collins sheds some light on the situation with Flowers

Detroit Lions vs New York Giants Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

It was conspicuous, to say the least, that when the New York Giants began their (voluntary) off-season program, only one player failed to show up for any part.

That player, of course, was offensive tackle Ereck Flowers.

Friday morning, Giants’ safety Landon Collins was a guest on WFAN and confirmed what most suspected -- That Flowers is not happy with the Giants.

On the one hand, Flowers’ frustration at being unceremoniously ousted from the only position he’s ever played after his best season as a pro, without having the opportunity to compete to keep his job, is understandable.

From a practical stand-point, there isn’t any real difference in the value of a left tackle and a right tackle to the operation of an offense. Had the Giants felt more charitable towards Flowers, they might have offered him the opportunity to compete with Nate Solder to keep the left tackle position. But from a financial and perception perspective, a team isn’t going to make a left tackle the highest paid offensive lineman in the NFL, then tell him to change positions.

But while Flowers’ frustration might be understandable, it isn’t an excuse to pull away from the team. The fact that he is not only not showing up to the facilities, but also not talking to his teammates, makes the Giants’ apparent frustration with Flowers entirely understandable as well.

Collins is absolutely right that Flowers should be with the team, and his teammates, even though his presence isn’t compulsory. Like it or not, if he wants to stay with the Giants, he will have to do so at right tackle. And while he might be spending his time away from the team with an offensive line coach to learn how to play his new position — or not, we (or at least I) haven’t heard how he is spending his off-season. If Flowers wants to be a Giant, he needs to be in-house developing a rapport with his linemates and learning the new blocking schemes.

The whole situation looks ugly from the outside, and a favorable resolution doesn’t seem likely at this point.