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BBV Mailbag: Memorial Day Weekend edition

It may be a holiday weekend, but we can always talk football

NFL: New York Giants-OTA Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, everybody! Let’s open up the Big Blue View mailbag and see what New York Giants-related questions you have.

Ed says: I do feel better — much better — about the way this team is being run. I like what GM Dave Gettleman and coach Pat Shurmur are trying to do. The approach thus far makes sense, and there is just a better feeling around the organization than their was a year ago. How that translates on the field, only time will tell. Not to mention good health. The roster has holes and lacks depth in some places, but you just can’t fix everything in one offseason when you have a salary cap to deal with. I do, though, feel better about this team.

Ed says: Honestly, haven’t heard anything. I would actually be quite surprised if the Giants become major players for Mychal Kendricks. The first reason is the salary cap. He’s probably going to want, and get from someone, more than the Giants can pay. The other is that Kendricks is a starting-caliber player, not a depth guy. The Giants already have Alec Ogletree and B.J. Goodson, and Kendricks isn’t going to supplant either of those guys.

CTscan asks: Shouldn’t we be looking at Beshaud Breeland?

Ed says: Well CT, you aren’t the only one who is concerned about the Giants depth at cornerback. I have written about that a number of times, including here. There are positive signs from Eli Apple, but the depth behind Apple and Janoris Jenkins is a concern.

Breeland is the “name” guy available right now. The biggest problem in fitting Breeland in with the Giants is that he has been a starting outside cornerback and almost certainly still sees himself that way. The Giants need a slot guy, and they need depth. My guess is Breeland is going to wait for a team that needs a starter on the outside.

Ed says: Stefon Diggs was a fifth-round pick. In three seasons, he has never reached 1,000 yards receiving. Adam Thielen was an undrafted player who has turned himself into a top-flight receiver. With Odell Beckham Jr. and Sterling Shepard, not to mention Evan Engram and Saquon Barkley, the Giants have far more explosive players than what Pat Shurmur succeeded with in Minnesota. It one one of the reasons Giants fans should be excited to see what the team can create on offense.

Ed says: Ashton, that question is really impossible to answer right now. Media has had access to one OTA with veterans and rookies working together. That’s not nearly enough time to know exactly what the offense will look like. The Giants don’t know — they are still installing pieces and figuring out what they have. That said, I would think there will be more flexibility since that is what Shurmur is known for. He isn’t known as a guy who has one way of doing things. BTW, the ‘Macadumb” comment really wasn’t necessary.