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It’s almost time for Summer School - What do you want to learn about this time?

We’re asking for your input for our Summer School syllabus

NFL: New York Giants-Rookie Minicamp Danielle Parhizkaran-USA TODAY Sports

There never really is an “off-season” in the NFL, but the closest it ever comes to that are the “Dog Days” of summer, between mandatory minicamp and the start of training camp. That is when players and coaches all go their own ways — some to hone their skills before the start of camp, others to heal and recharge before the season’s grind truly begins.

That time of year the phrase “no news is good news” is never more true.

Around here, we’ve gotten in to the habit of taking that time to sharpen our minds, deepen our understanding of the game of football, and hopefully gain insight into what the New York Giants might do from an X’s and O’s standpoint in the coming year.

I am, of course, talking about our Summer School series.

Dan Pizzuta and I already have some subjects in mind, but we also wanted to hear from the Big Blue View community to see just what YOU would like to learn.

No guarantees that we will do every subject raised. But if there is a “what”, “why”, or “how” to the NFL game that you would like us to get in to, this is your chance to bring it to our attention.

So, BBV, what do you want us to dig into this summer?