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Giants news, 4/4: Draft strategy, Josh Rosen, trade talk, more

Let’s check today’s headlines

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New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Good morning, New York Giants fans! Here are your Wednesday headlines — and, yes, Odell Beckham is still a Giant.

Ernie Accorsi: Giants GM Dave Gettleman Draft Strategy |

Sitting to Accorsi’s right throughout all this white-knuckle insanity? Current Giants general manager Dave Gettleman. Accorsi surrounded himself with like-minded people, but the ones who rose through the typically insular ranks of the scouting department were the ones who pushed back and took risks, like Gettleman.

Gettleman is now behind the wheel for the franchise's most significant draft since 2004. And while the Browns bookend the top four, no one has the power to upend the natural order in a similarly quarterback-crazed field quite like Gettleman. Accorsi is not surprised that, beyond a few tidbits, his protégé has the rest of the world scratching their heads.

“He’s got more options than I had [in 2004],” Accorsi said. “I don’t know what he’s going to do and I don’t think he feels any pressure to get anything done early. You just don’t know what’s going to happen....

“He’s done it. He’s been under pressure. He’s made really tough, controversial decisions. He’s not going to get ruffled and he knows what he wants.”

Charley Casserly: Los Angeles Rams are 'better off' with wide receiver Brandin Cooks than Odell Beckham Jr. - NFL Videos
NFL Network's Charley Casserly reports on Los Angeles Rams acquiring wide receiver Brandin Cooks.

In offseason of epic trades, are the best yet to come? 6 mega stars on the block | Pro Football Weekly
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Exploring the fatal flaws of the top five quarterbacks – ProFootballTalk
There's no clear consensus as to the manner in which the top incoming quarterbacks will be drafted. For now, however, there's a loose consensus as to the members of the list of the top five.

PFF NFL Mock Draft 4 | NFL Analysis | Pro Football Focus
Senior Analyst Steve Palazzolo unleashes his first 3-round mock draft for the 2018 NFL Draft. Who does your favorite team select?

Will Giants turn Landon Collins into 'moneybacker' or leave Pro Bowl safety alone? |
Is Landon Collins right for James Bettcher's defense with Giants? What will he be asked to do? How he is recovering from broken forearm?

Business of Football: Odell Beckham’s Situation, Ndamukong Suh's Contract |

My reaction to the offseason drama series “Will he stay or will he go?” featuring Odell Beckham Jr.? Yawn. Wake me up in August if Beckham is still saying he won’t “set foot on the field” for the Giants then. The NFL has the longest offseason in all of major sports. Tough talk by players and agents in March rarely, if ever, has the same vigor in July and August. Wasn’t Le’Veon Bell not going to play under his franchise tag contract last year (or is it this year)? Good luck with that.

Stories like Beckham’s usually play out predictably. Players will, directly or through media sources, threaten varying levels of disobedience to their teams, whether by missing offseason workouts, minicamps or, in extreme cases, training camp. The intent of such threats—this is Agent Playbook 101—is to create enough angst among the front office and/or coaching staff that the team reacts with contract negotiations or a trade. And occasionally, teams panic and succumb to the players’ requests. However, in the vast majority of cases—and there are more of these cases than the media knows —the player returns to his existing team and contract as if nothing ever happened.

Could Beckham be traded? Sure, there is a chance; there are only a handful of NFL players who are truly untouchable, and I don’t think any wide receiver qualifies. And when Giants ownership left the door open that no one is untouchable, the Beckham trade story, having no real basis in fact, was off and running.

So yes, if a team were to blow the Giants away with a stupid trade offer, Beckham could be had (assuming the new team is also prepared to give him a mega-contract). But beyond the is there a chance? hypothetical, my strong sense is this story will die a slow death and Beckham will be back with the Giants playing on his existing contract. Yawn.

NFL Evaluators Are Frightened of Josh Rosen For All the Wrong Reasons | Bleacher Report

Rosen's real concerns revolve around his frame and durability.

At 6'4" and 226 pounds, the UCLA quarterback has the requisite size to play the position. However, a surgery on his throwing shoulder and a pair of concussions in the last 17 months should have teams concerned.

Rosen is willing to absorb a hit from an oncoming defender to complete a pass, which is part of the problem. Since he isn't as mobile as others, the number of hits he takes may have an adverse effect on his long-term potential.

Mayfield, Darnold and Jackson didn't miss a game during the last two seasons, whereas Allen is bigger and more athletic than Rosen. Building an argument against the UCLA prospect should start with his durability, not his supposed attitude problems.

Biggest NFL Offseason Questions That Will Be Answered in the Draft | Bleacher Report
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