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QB talk a ruse or reality for Giants in 2018 NFL Draft?

Let’s look at a couple of perspectives on that

Goodyear Cotton Bowl - USC v Ohio State
Sam Darnold
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Will the New York Giants select a quarterback with the second overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft? Trade out? Select the highest-rated position player on their board. Ahh, the possibilities.

A couple of weeks ago, Scott Wright of Draft Countdown told me on the ‘Locked on Giants’ podcast that in his view there was “no way” the Giants would be taking a quarterback at No. 2.

Wright, a veteran draft analyst, produces a weekly draft newsletter and for his latest edition he asked me to compare my thoughts to his on a variety of topics related to the second overall pick. Here is what we both said strictly about the idea of taking a quarterback with that selection.

Scott Wright ...

For months I’ve maintained that the Giants aren’t going to take a quarterback at #2 overall because it would create an untenable situation with Eli Manning. I still believe that to be the case, but I’ve softened my stance slightly. The only signal caller I think the Giants would consider is USC’s Sam Darnold, who is expected to be the #1 overall pick. If for some reason the Browns pass on Darnold I think the Giants would seriously consider him. Otherwise I believe any interest in quarterbacks will simply be a ruse to bolster the trade market for the selection.

Valentine’s View ...

Obviously, quarterback has to be in play for the Giants at No. 2. GM Dave Gettleman has talked a lot about keeping the Giants out of “quarterback hell,” that place where you just can’t ever get beyond mediocrity. The Giants have to find a successor to Eli Manning, but that doesn’t mean they absolutely have to draft a quarterback at No. 2. They have to find the right player. Gettleman says if they take a QB at No. 2 it has to be a guy they can envision getting the ball with 2:39 left and marching the Giants down the field to win a Super Bowl. That is what Manning did in Super Bowl 42. If you don’t have that conviction, especially that high in the draft, you don’t take a quarterback. Picking the wrong guy is another way to end up in “quarterback hell.”

If the guy the Giants love is there, I have to believe they will take him. If not, I believe they feel Manning can give them enough time that they don’t have to make a panic move for a quarterback.

Not really a lot of new ground in there, though it’s interesting that Wright is becoming more open to the idea of the Giants taking a quarterback at No. 2. No surprise that he would identify Darnold as the target — the USC quarterback has always been Wright’s favorite in this class.

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