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Podcasts, podcasts, podcasts: Drafting is done, but not the talking

Ed Valentine makes the podcast and radio rounds to discuss the Giants’ 2018 draft

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Thursday, Friday and Saturday were for discovering what the New York Giants would do in the 2018 NFL Draft, and for the staff here at Big Blue View a time to write feverishly about it in an effort to help you understand who the players are and what they could bring to the Giants.

From Saquon Barkley to R.J. McIntosh, we hope we managed to do that.

Sunday was a day to decompress, and to spend time talking about what GM Dave Gettleman and the Giants did, and did not do, during the three days of the draft.

On a special Sunday edition of ‘Locked on Giants,’ Patricia Traina and I went player-by-player through the picks. Give that a listen below.

Paul Crane and The NFL Draft Report’s Dave-Te’ Thomas invited me to share thoughts with them on a Sunday morning edition of their ‘Scout’s Honor’ podcast.

Yours truly also stopped by SB Nation Radio Sunday afternoon to drop some Giants thoughts.