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NFL Draft grades 2018: New York Giants fans happy with Rounds 2, 3

To this point, majority of fans approve of what the team has done

2018 NFL Draft Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Fans of the New York Giants have found little to complain about during the first two days of the 2018 NFL Draft. Sure, the Saquon Barkley vs. Sam Darnold debate is likely to rage for years to come, but the fan base appears satisfied with the work Dave Gettleman has done in his first draft as Giants GM.

We had previously told you that fans voting in our Round 1 poll overwhelmingly gave the Barkley selection an ‘A.’

How did Giants fans grade the Day picks? Let’s have a look.

The fan base apparently loves the second-round selection of guard Will Hernandez. Of the 4,358 voters in our poll, 4,097 of them gave the pick an ‘A.’ So, yeah, overwhelming approval.

The third-round pick of outside linebacker Lorenzo Carter (66th overall) was also well-received. Of the 2,825 votes, 1,646 scored the pick an ‘A’ and 1,063 gave the Carter selection a ‘B.’

Three picks after choosing Carter, the Giants added defensive tackle B.J. Hill with the 69th selection. We had 2,696 votes cast in that poll. Fourteen percent (366) gave the pick an ‘A,’ 44 percent (1,177 votes) scored it a ‘B,’ and 34 percent (907 votes) scored the pick a ‘C.’ Not overwhelming support, but not bad.

Thus, it would appear the fan base believes Gettleman and the Giants have done good work to this point in the draft.