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Watch! Justin Tuck trolls Cowboys fans while announcing Giants’ Round 2 pick

This is priceless — Justin Tuck forever!

The New York Giants busted out a defensive version of a hog molly Friday night to announce the second-round selection of guard Will Hernandez in the 2018 NFL Draft.

Former defensive captain Justin Tuck made the pick and, standing at a podium in a stadium filled with Dallas Cowboys fans, couldn’t resist a few shots at his audience.

“It’s my honor to represent the greatest franchise in all of sports,” Tuck said as leaned into the microphone. “The New York Football Giants.”

Then he got to the pick.

“... my ... New York ... Football ... Giants select Will Hernandez.”

Gotta love Tuck.

Now if Hernandez can accomplish close to what Tuck did during his Giants’ career, the Giants will really have something to go into Dallas and crow about.