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NFL Draft rumors: Giants, Broncos talking trade as draft nears?

What are the Giants going to do with the second overall pick? It’s anybody’s guess, and we’ve got the latest ones.

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NFL Combine - Day 3
Baker Mayfield
Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Draft day is finally upon us, and in just a few hours the 2018 NFL Draft will open.

Over the last few months, and the last week in particular, smoke screens and speculation have abounded. For the first time in years, nobody seems to have much of an idea what the New York Giants will do with their first round draft pick.

That lack of information makes the Giants one of the most interesting teams in the draft, and many have speculated that Dave Gettleman holds the keys to the first round.

We still have about eight and a half hours (as I write this) until the first round opens and the Cleveland Browns are on the clock. To pass the time, we’ll keep you all up to date on all the rumors regarding the Giants and their plans.

[UPDATE 7:49 p.m.] Could the Giants be exploring a last-minute trade-down scenario?

Could Josh Rosen actually be above Sam Darnold?

Here is a Friday morning podcast featuring Dave-Te Thomas of The NFL Draft Report.

From earlier today:

In other news, over the last few hours, consensus has shifted to the Cleveland Browns drafting Baker Mayfield over Sam Darnold or Josh Allen.