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2018 NFL Mock Draft: Jesse gives his take on Round 1

One more scenario for you to debate

North Carolina v North Carolina State Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

This is the first time since I have been writing about the draft that the top five picks were a COMPLETE mystery. We don’t even know the first overall pick yet. When was the last time that has happened? That coupled with the Giants picking so high makes this one of the more anticipated drafts for me in a long time. Thankfully, it’s finally here.

It always feels like guessing in the draft and this year it feels like that times two, could go 0 for 32 which would be impressive in itself.

1. Cleveland Browns-Sam Darnold, QB, USC

It’s quarterback here for sure. I mean there is a scenario the Browns could take Saquon Barkley at 1 “knowing” the Giants love Barkley and then the Giants go Sam Darnold. The Jets go Mayfield or Allen at 3 and the Browns get the other at 4. This draft has been crazy, when was the last time we didn’t know the first two picks forever ago?

2. New York Giants-Bradley Chubb, EDGE, N.C. State

I believe they believe Barkley is the best player in the draft. I don’t fully believe they will take a RB at No. 2, the Jaguars and Cowboys went RB very high because they had rosters that were ready to win right away and a running back was a missing piece, do the Giants believe that? Perhaps. Gettleman believes in big bodied players, rushing the passer and protecting the passer. They handled LT issue in Free Agency, but they traded Jason Pierre Paul and are lacking enough players for their front. Chubb has been praised as better than Myles Garrett by some. He’s a big tough, safe player that would be a terrific pick. I also believe that if the Giants are passing on QB they are going to try like heck to move down. The thing that is great is if the Giants end up picking in the top 5 or 6 (a trade with the Broncos-who trade with the Bills- makes the most sense to me) they will get a tremendous player. If they end up at 12 they were end up with a tremendous bounty of picks, and no matter what happens should be much better position than they are currently today.

3. New York Jets-Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma

I believe Rosen to be the best QB in the draft. But I don’t have the medical reports for him, I don’t have the interview access. The Jets love the big name QB and Mayfield is an instant fan energizer.

4. Cleveland Browns, Saquon Barkley, RB, Penn State

The Browns are in a terrific position to add a huge infusion of talent into their team and I think they should stay put and grab two of the top four players in a enticing draft.

5. Denver Broncos, Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA

They have to get a QB right? For my money Rosen is the guy. He’s arrogant (so is Tom Brady), and comes off a little smug or condescending (so does Aaron Rodgers) but irritating personalities (if you even think they are, I’m more indifferent) have little to do with how well a guy can play on the field.

6. Indianapolis Colts-Quenton Nelson, OL, Notre Dame

The Colts need to find a way to protect Andrew Luck so they don’t ruin what could be a beautiful career .

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Derwin James, S, FSU

The Buccaneers really need help in their secondary and James is the best player in the secondary.

8. Chicago Bears, Raquon Smith, LB, Georgia

The Bears just sit here and scoop up the best player that falls to them.

9 San Francisco 49ers-Minkah Fitapzatrick, DB, Alabama

49ers likely to go secondary here or potentially pass rusher I think Edwards makes a lot of sense here as well.

10. Oakland Raiders-Vita Vea, DL, Washington

11. Miami Dolphins-Tremaine Edwards, LB, VA Tech

Cameron Wake has been terrific for the Dolphins for a long time, but he can’t play forever. The Dolphins also lost Suh as well so they are going to need someone to make plays along their front 7.

12. Buffalo Bills-Josh Allen, QB, North Dakota

They might be able to stay put and get Allen here, or Allen could go first overall. Who knows!

13. Washington Denzel Ward, CB, Ohio State

14. Green Bay Packers-Calvin Ridley, WR, Louisville

15. Arizona Cardinals-Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville

Jackson is mocked to the Ravens often, but I think the Cardinals have even more pressure to end up with a QB here.

16. Baltimore Ravens-Mike McGlincey, OL, Notre Dame

OL help

17, San Diego Chargers-Da’Ron Payne, DL, Alabama

Chargers have terrific pass rushers and just continue to build their DL here because they don’t like the other options. Payen is a tremendous run stuffer.

The Chargers OL needed upgrades badly, but they signed a million of them.

18. Seattle Seahawks-Marcus Davenport, EDGE

Seems like a match made in heaven.

19. Dallas Cowboys-Jaire Alexander, CB, Louisville

I don’t think the Cowboys will just take a WR to take a WR, Sutton is a solid player and could go here, but Alexander is probably a better overall better.

20. Detroit Lions-Daruis Guice, RB, LSU

I think it’s been since Barry Sanders (might be an exaggeration) since the Lions have had a 100 yard rusher in a single game, part of that is they throw the ball 50 times a game, part of it is they don’t have anyone who can run.

21. Cincinnati Bengals-Isaiah Wynn, OL

Another team that really needs offensive line help. There are many of them.

22. Buffalo Bills-Frank Ragnow, C,

They need interior OL help badly.

23. New England Patriots-Kolton Miller, OL, UCLA

They will probably trade down and grab the top player on their board.

24. Carolina Panthers-Cortland Sutton, WR, SMU

Panthers get some help at outside WR.

25. Tennessee Titans-Taven Bryan, DL, Florida

Bryan has tremendous potential and could provide more interior pass rush for the Titans.

26. Atlanta Falcons—Josh Jackson, CB, Iowa

Falcons have a good roster, CB depth can never be overlooked.

27. New Orleans Saints-Leighton Vander Esch, LB, Boise State

Cameron Jordan is the foundation, but he needs some help.

28. Pittsburgh Steelers, Rashaan Evans, LB, Alabama

They stay put and grab the best player who falls to them like they often do.

29. Jacksonville Jaguars-Dallas Goedert, TE, South Dakota State

A talented player to help out their QB.

30. Minnesota Vikings-Will Hernandez, OL, UTEP

I know this OL class is weak at tackle, but the inteiror guys can play.

31. New England Patriots-Harold Landry, EDGE, Boston College

Patriots scoop up tremendous value here. Always some player falls futher than expected for reasons unknown.

32. Philadelphia Eagles-Connor Williams, T, Texas

Eagles have a terrific offensive line, but it’s definitely aging.