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POLL: Should the Giants trade Odell Beckham or keep him?

Vote and let us know which side you are on

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at New York Giants Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Discussion about the situation between Odell Beckham Jr. and the New York Giants isn’t going away — no matter whether you, me, or anyone else would like it to. It is that important to the franchise, and Beckham is far too polarizing a figure for that to happen.

Peter King devoted two sections of his most recent ‘Monday Morning Quarterback’ column to the Beckham topic. His general points — there is too much smoke around trade rumors for there not to be fire, and Beckham is definitely worth two first-round picks.

Here is part of what King said:

The Rams are definitely interested. The price tag—likely two first-round picks plus a contract averaging at least $18 million a year—is daunting and could eventually road-block L.A., but that’s not happening now. If the Giants move Beckham, the Rams will be in the game until the end. ...

This isn’t an easy one to decipher. The Giants already have a short fuse with the immature Beckham. He lives in Los Angeles in the offseason and could make it very hard on the Giants and their rookie head coach by not showing up for any of the offseason work, and holding out well into the summer. They may decide he’s not worth the trouble, and take two low first-rounders for him, and save all that cap money they’d have to pay him long-term—realizing full well it’s a deal they could soon regret. Look at GM Dave Gettleman’s history in Carolina. He had a big veteran star, Josh Norman, about to be a contract-related distraction for the Panthers in 2016. Gettleman’s solution was simply to cut him loose. If you told Gettleman he could get two first-round picks for a huge headache … well, I don’t have to draw you a map.

As for Beckham’s trade value, King wrote:

My point about Beckham’s value isn’t that because 12 of the 13 receivers picked in the last three first rounds have been underwhelming the Rams should overpay for Beckham. It’s that recent history says the value of first-round receivers is not good. And if you’re desperate for a receiver, and Beckham, 25, is in the pool, why wouldn’t you consider paying two low first-rounders—as the Rams would have to—in order to make a serious bid for a premier player?

One thing we have not done during all of our Beckham discussion is offer apoll on whether you believe he should or should not be traded. Let’s do that now. You will also notice comments are closed. Sorry, but I’m tired of spending my time deleting “Ed has an agenda” comments. So, your voice here is to vote.


Should the Giants trade Odell Beckham?

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  • 49%
    No — he’s too talented
    (4454 votes)
  • 38%
    Yes — he’s too much of a distraction
    (3455 votes)
  • 12%
    Doesn’t matter to me — I’m just a fan, let them do what they think is right
    (1163 votes)
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