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Draft bonus, re-visiting the quarterback debate, more

Let’s see what is on my mind in another ‘Valentine’s Views’

Baltimore Ravens v Houston Texans Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Only one more weekend to get through before the 2018 NFL Draft! Here are a few thoughts as a franchise-defining moment draws closer for the New York Giants.

Bonus NFL Draft coverage via Dave-Te’ Thomas

Chris Pflum has done a splendid job getting you ready for the draft. If you have missed any of the 90 prospect profiles Chris has done, the only thing I can say is you need to get reading. Dan Pizzuta and Jesse Bartolis have supplemented that with excellent work of their own. My contributions, whatever they are, amount to only a small portion of our coverage of the draft.

It’s bragging, I know, but in my view no one has given your the depth and breadth of of the Giants as the draft approaches than what you can find right here. And now, it is getting better.

You may have noticed a recently-placed StoryStream with profiles and draft breakdowns from Dave-Te’ Thomas.

Who is he, and what is that all about?

Thomas has been writing scouting reports for the NFL for more than 50 years. Thomas, of Scouting Services Inc., produces The NFL Draft Report. You may have seen me reference it on occasion. Thomas’s work is available to, and valued by, NFL teams.

He has graciously agreed to allow Big Blue View to publish some of his work. These are long and detailed, but are really only abbreviated versions of his reports. I’m thrilled to be able to present them here.

Red them. Enjoy them. Learn from them. There will be many more posted before the draft begins. Incidentally, they are posted with comments turned off. Considering the huge favor being done for us here, and the quality of what is being presented, I’m not subjecting the work to the vagaries of a BBV comments section.

The Peter King/Albert Breer draft scenarios

In Saturday’s draft notebook, Jesse discussed the Peter King-Albert Breer top 12 mini-mock, where they presented four potential scenarios for the top 12 picks in the draft.

In one scenario, the Giants wind up with Wyoming QB Josh Allen. In another, New York gets USC QB Sam Darnold. In a third, Penn State running back Saquon Barkley ends up being able to continue wearing his Giants hoodie. In a fourth, the Giants trade down with the Buffalo Bills and select UTSA EDGE rusher Marcus Davenport at No. 12.

I’m piggy-backing on Jesse’s mention simply because I believe all of those scenarios are realistic.

To QB or not to QB

Pat Traina and I have been friends for 10 years now. We don’t disagree on a whole lot of things. That, actually, is kind of annoying when we swap “Friday Five” answers or when we record shows for the ‘Locked on Giants’ podcast. There are very few Stephen A. Smith/Shannon Sharpe vs. Skip Bayless moments when we work together.

We disagree about whether or not the Giants should select a quarterback with the second overall pick in the draft. Pat believes they should not. I believe that they should — provided there is a guy there they believe can lead them to Super Bowl titles. We debated this topic during a recent episode of ‘Locked on Giants.’

Writing for Forbes, Pat once again made the “don’t take a quarterback” case. I am, again, going to rebut.

I don’t want to argue about the stats Pat uses. Or Davis Webb. Or whether Saquon Barkley, Bradley Chubb or Quenton Nelson would be a better pick than any of the quarterbacks. Been there, done that. Dozens of times already.

Pat makes one point, her final one, that needs to be discussed. She writes:

Whereas some last year heavily criticized the Giants for “wasting” a third-round pick on a player (Webb) who wasn’t going to help the team for at least a season or two, if Manning really does have “years” left in him, wouldn’t it make sense for the Giants to make sure that whoever they select in the first round can get on the field right away?

This is an excellent point that should be talked about. I have been highly critical of the Giants for wasting Eli Manning’s last few seasons, for not surrounding him with what he needs to be successful.

Pat is absolutely right. Selecting a quarterback at No. 2, or anywhere in this draft, is going to do absolutely nothing to help Manning win football games in 2018. Or 2019, if he is still the quarterback. For what it’s worth, no matter what the Giants say about Manning having “years” left I’m not convinced he will spend any time beyond the upcoming season with the Giants.

Here’s the thing. I always remind readers and Twitter followers that the draft is not just about the upcoming season. It is about setting your franchise up for long-term success.

No, selecting a quarterback second overall would not be the best decision for 2018. But, let’s be real. Manning, as much as I have supported him and will continue to do so, is 37 years old and living on borrowed time as the Giants’ starting quarterback. The hour glass is running out. In essence, right now Manning is Tyrod Taylor in Cleveland or Case Keenum in Denver. He’s a place holder.

Sure, there will be other first-round quarterbacks in other drafts. Sure, maybe Davis Webb develops. Maybe. Nobody has a clue on that one.

Maybe the Giants will have a chance at a guy in 2019 or 2020. That would either mean a) they are awful again or b) they mortgaged a bunch of draft picks to have a chance at a franchise quarterback. They can’t count on either of those scenarios playing out.

Point is, to have a successful long-term future you have to have a franchise quarterback to replace Manning. If a guy the Giants absolutely believe can lead them to Super Bowl titles is there at No. 2 they simply have to make that move.

Because, while it might not be the best thing for Manning and the 2018 season, it would be the best thing for the future of the franchise.