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Lots of NFL Draft questions in this week’s BBV mailbag

Let’s open it up

We are now less than two weeks from the 2018 NFL Draft, and the New York Giants’ fan base is on edge as we await the Giants’ decision with the No. 2 overall pick. Let’s check the Big Blue View mailbag and try to fill some of the time.

Ed says: Interesting question, Ramon. Difficult to answer because the NFL is very much a year-to-year league, and things can — and often do — change quickly. The Giants are a perfect example, moving on from Ben McAdoo after just two years.

That said, I can say this. I think by 2020 someone else will be quarterbacking the Giants. It is interesting to me that while the Giants have said Eli Manning has “years” left, Manning admits the Giants haven’t talked to him about anything beyond 2018.

There is also this. The Giants as a franchise have lost their way. Only one playoff season in the last six years. There should have been more playoff appearances, especially while Tom Coughlin was still the head coach. It feels like the Giants have largely wasted the second half of the career of the best quarterback the franchise has ever seen.

You never know how things will turn out, but I like what Dave Gettleman and Pat Shurmur have done thus far. I think two or three years down the road the Giants will be pointed in a better direction — back in a place where they should be in contention or in the playoffs more often than they aren’t, which hasn’t been the case lately.

Christopher Benfer asks: A lot of the attention on the Giants draft has been on the second overall pick (and rightly so). But there are usually some really good players available in the early second round (Landon Collins and Drew Brees come to mind). Any thoughts on which players might go in that range and be good targets for the G-men?

Ed says: Christopher, trying to figure out good targets for the Giants in the second round is a little bit akin to putting the cart before the horse. To answer that properly, we really have to know a) what the Giants do in the first round and b) who is still on the board after the first 32 picks.

That said, I think are areas or positions where the Giants will look for value throughout the draft. There are a ton of Day 2 and early Day 3 interior offensive linemen and a few offensive tackles. There should be capable cornerbacks available. If the Giants don’t take Saquon Barkley, they should have good running back options every time their turn comes up. There are several Day 2 or mid-round wide receivers. If they don’t select a quarterback in Round 1, a guy like Kyle Lauletta could be in play.

Ed says: Maybe not, but the left tackle position isn’t a concern for the Giants. That’s what they signed Nate Solder for, and at 29 you have to think he can be effective there for the next few seasons. Barring injury, of course.

The Giants could use a player to compete at the right tackle spot, and while it might be nice if that is a guy who could eventually swing to the left side that isn’t really a requirement right now.

Kolton Miller, Brian O’Neill (Pitt), Tyrell Crosby (Oregon), Martinas Rankin (Mississippi State), Orlando Brown (Oklahoma) and a handful of other guys who could be chosen in Rounds 2 thru 4 could compete with and eventually replace Ereck Flowers on the right side.

Ed says: Well, if the Cleveland Browns draft Sam Darnold it’s going to be because he is the guy they want. I can’t see why they would make that trade after selecting him. If the Giants are really that gung-ho for Darnold I have to believe they are already talking to the Cleveland and a deal would happen before the pick. Let me be absolutely crystal clear, though. I do not believe a trade like this is going to happen.

Ed says: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which is another way of saying that depends on who you ask. Kerryon Johnson of Auburn or Nick Chubb or Georgia will be in that discussion for some people. Rashaad Penny of San Diego State perhaps. As for fit, we have never seen the Pat Shurmur-coached Giants on the field, so how do we know? The only thing Shurmur has indicated is that he likes well-rounded backs who can catch the ball as well as run, so I would expect the Giants to try to accommodate that if and when they do select a back.

Ed says: If they stay at No. 2? I highly doubt it. If they trade down and move far enough that Saquon Barkley, Bradley Chubb and Quenton Nelson are gone, without a doubt. He is the best pure linebacker in this draft class and he doesn’t turn 20 until next moth. That means there is lots of time and room for him to continue to get better.

Ed says: Brett, I am a Kyle Lauletta guy in this circumstance. He doesn't have the rocket arm or the great running ability, but he can make the throws, run an offense and lead a team. I spoke with Lauletta recently and was very impressed by the young man.