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Friday Five: Landon Collins, Color Rush jerseys, more in this week’s Q&A

Let’s trade some questions and answers

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Another work week is coming to a close. That makes it time for our ‘Friday Five’ Q&A with veteran Giants writer Pat Traina. Be sure to check my answers to these questions over at Inside Football. Let’s get to it.

Question: How concerning to you is the news that Landon Collins will opt for a second surgery to fix the forearm he broke at the end of last season?

Pat Says: Well, it’s not good news regardless of the time of year — when are setbacks ever good news? But the if there is a silver lining to this, it’s that they are being proactive and getting it taken care of now, with plenty of time for Collins to recover and be ready for the start of training camp. Let’s just hope this second procedure though finally resolves whatever the issue is.

Question: Thoughts on Odell Beckham’s presence at voluntary conditioning workouts and the reports that teams no longer believe the Giants will trade Beckham?

Pat Says: I can sum it up in four words: Nothing to see here. Seriously, let’s look at this logically. First, if the Giants REALLY wanted to trade Beckham, then why reportedly ask for the equivalent of the franchise tag compensation (two first-round picks at minimum)?

If that report of compensation is true, that’s like me offering to sell you my 14-year-old dog for $1 billion dollars. I know no one is going to shell out that kind of money, so that’s how I discourage potential buyers from hounding me about making the transaction. (And for those wondering, no, my dog isn’t for sale, trade or adoption.)

Second, Shurmur revealed at the league meetings that Beckham made the commitment to show up for the offseason program, so really, is this a surprise? Shurmur has been working to build a relationship with Beckham since he was hired as the head coach, and so far, things look positive on that front.

Now, do I believe Beckham will be at every offseason workout? No. I think he’s going to split his time between Los Angeles and New Jersey. But so long as he keeps in touch with the team with updates and as long as there is communication between his personal trainer and the Giants, I personally don’t have a problem with him if he decided to split his time.

Last point. Beckham isn’t going to work out during the upcoming minicamp or the OTAs, which I believe was already mentioned. (Very few players are there for EVERY single day of the workouts — we just don’t hear about them.)

So before anyone goes ballistic about him not being on the practice field or at the offseason weight training program and think it’s due to a sudden change of heart regarding his contract, please remember that Beckham is still recovering from a significant ankle injury to get himself back into football shape. And despite his grueling workouts with a personal trainer, there is no substitute for live football reps, be they on the practice field or in a game.

Question: There has been talk that the Giants might hold some joint practices during the preseason. Is that something you would like to see?

Pat Says: Yes!!!! I’ve always believed that the best way to tell how a team is coming along in the summer is to put it against another set of jerseys. I also know the players tend to enjoy that because they get tired of lining up across from the same guys every day. It’s also a nice change of pace for the media and, I suspect, for the fans. If they can pull it off this year, I’d be all for it.

Question: When looking at what the Giants have -- and have not -- done this offseason what is the one thing that surprises you the most?

Pat Says: I would say the cornerback position. They let Rodgers-Cromartie go and they didn’t re-sign Ross Cockrell. They did add to the group, but most of those guys signed MSB deals which to me suggests that they are probably not long-term answers. It also suggests that Gettleman is poised to grab a cornerback or two in the draft.

Remember, Janoris Jenkins will have two years left in his deal after this season, both of which carry cap hits of $12.25 million. If he doesn’t bounce back from last year’s injury-filled season, I can’t see the Giants swallowing that number next year.

This is also a big year for Eli Apple, who needs to bounce back from last season. So to me, I think you have to start planning for the long-term future t that position, and I don’t think they have done that so far this offseason.

Question: It looks like the NFL is getting rid of those Thursday night “Color Rush” jerseys. If so, will you miss some of those “unique” uniforms?

Pat Says: Call me old-fashioned, but I’ve never been much about the gimmicks the league tries to do to draw fan interest. Just give me a good old-fashioned and competitive football game, and you’ll get my attention. With that said, I get the reasoning. The marketing arm of the league wants to continue generating revenue, and if 60% of the fan base has the usual jersey, then how do you perhaps lull them back as repeat buyers? The answer is with a new jersey, a new draft cap, a new polo shirt, etc. Put me in the camp of I’d much rather see competitive games than fancy new threads.