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Todd McShay mock draft: Giants add Chubb, Michel, and more in this three-rounder

Todd McShay has the Giants reloading in his newest mock draft

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at Boston College Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

It is somewhat amazing to think that the 2018 NFL Draft is just a little over two weeks away. It still feels as though it is somewhere off on the horizon, but it is rapidly approaching. That being said, it isn’t here yet, and we are still deep in the weeds of Mock Draft Season.

At this time of year we are inundated by mock drafts from pretty much every football outlet. We try to keep track of what the general feeling is for the New York Giants selections, but we don’t pass along every mock that comes out. We do, however, make exceptions for the “Big” outlets on the premise that they tend to have more contact with insider sources around the league and might give some insight into what the league is thinking. In this case, ESPN’s Todd McShay released a new “Perfect” three round mock draft (Insider required), and it is an interesting one for the Giants

New York Giants

Round 1 (2): Bradley Chubb, DE, NC State [Prospect Profile]

Round 2 (34): Sony Michel, RB, Georgia [Prospect Profile]

Round 3 (66): Martinas Rankin, OT, Mississippi State [Prospect Profile]

Round 3 (69): Uchenna Nwosu, LB, USC [Prospect Profile]

McShay: If new head coach Pat Shurmur is truly committed to Eli Manning and thinks the team can compete now, then New York goes best player available instead of taking a QB here. It would be tough to pass on Barkley, but with Jason Pierre-Paul gone, pass rush is a big need. Chubb is a complete player and can start immediately. Michel would fit the glaring need at running back and could contribute in the passing game. Rankin needs more experience, but would upgrade the talent level on the offensive line. Nwosu would double down on pass-rushing help and could start as a situational rusher off the edge.

Raptor’s Thoughts: If Dave Gettleman (and therefore the Giants) are set on restoring the franchise to its former glory and winning sooner, rather than later, this draft would have them well on their way. Likewise, if they make the decision that Davis Webb is, in fact (and contrary to popular opinion) a nascent franchise quarterback, this would give him a good environment in which he can grow and — eventually — take over.

Personally, I would still look for the Giants to draft a quarterback at some point in the first two rounds, even if they don’t do so at second overall. Either trading back with the Broncos (if they like all five of the top QBs) or perhaps with the Bills, would allow them to net more draft capital, and potentially select a player like Mason Rudolph (who went 79th overall, Arizona Cardinals) or Kyle Lauletta (95th overall, New England Patriots), either of whom could excel in Pat Shurmur’s offense and provide competition for Webb.

Individually, McShay makes good picks for the Giants. Chubb fills a definite hole on the edge (at outside linebacker and defensive end, depending on package), as does Uchenna Nwosu. There is definitely some redundancy in picking both players, but Gettleman has never shied away from picking redundancy, regardless of what the depth chart says. Although, personally, I think I would have gone with Josh Sweat out of Florida State. Assuming his knee checks out medically, he provides a rare kind of freakish athleticism off the edge as well as surprising power at the point of attack.

Sony Michel is a remarkably balanced and well-rounded running back who would fit in well with what Shurmur does out of the backfield as well as the running scheme he used in Minnesota.

Meanwhile, Rankin gives the Giants a player with starting potential on an offensive line that currently only has one position truly nailed down. Rankin comes with similar concerns as both Nate Solder and Ereck Flowers, in that while he is powerful, he can also be more vulnerable to speed off the edge. He might overcome that with development, but he might also have to transition inside to guard.