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Giants news, 3/5: Josh Allen, Shaquem Griffin, Quenton Nelson, more

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Let’s check your Giants-related headlines

NFL: Combine
Josh Allen
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, New York Giants fans! The NFL Combine finishes MOnday, and we will have lots of coverage. Before that, though, today’s headlines.

Josh Allen shows off arm, relationship with Shurmur at combine - NY Daily News

“I’d want to play for him because he just had this kind of silent vibe to him,” Allen, 21, told the Daily News of Shurmur, after participating in Gatorade’s ‘Beat the Blitz’ virtual reality experience. “He was kind of reserved, and at the same time I can feel his presence and understand how much he loves football, how much he knows football. He put me up on the board, he was talking over some things with me and it was just coming out of his mouth so quickly and so smooth, and he’s a brilliant mind. And he’s gonna be doing some really big things in New York.” 2018 NFL Combine Stock Report - Quarterbacks

Raw and real: This is Baker Mayfield - Houston Chronicle

Shaquem Griffin’s bench press: Best NFL Combine moment ever -
With a prosthetic arm, the UCF linebacker had one of his position group’s best bench workouts.

NFL free agency 2018 - the five best second-contract sleepers
There's a reason why teams give up on players after the conclusion of their rookie deals. However, many have enough talent to become difference-makers if they land in the right situation on their second contract. Here are five for 2018.

Giants already 'have their future quarterback' | Why Davis Webb is set up to succeed |
Can the Giants afford to pass on Josh Rosen, Josh Allen, Sam Darnold and Baker Mayfield? This quarterback expert says yes.

If Cleveland Browns want Saquon Barkley, they may need to take him No. 1 | 10 thoughts on the NFL Draft after 2018 NFL Combine |
The NFL Scouting Combine annually gives scouts, coaches, and executives an up close and personal view of the top prospects in the NFL Draft, but is a far more revealing event than simply watching college prospects working out in shorts and athletic shirts.

2018 NFL Draft: Michael Dickson is ‘The Punter,’ and that says it all -
"The Punter" is bringing his Aussie-style kicks to the NFL.

Quenton Nelson a fan of Shaun O'Hara, and vice versa

“He’s a true O-lineman,” O’Hara told after watching the offensive linemen work out on Friday. “He cares about one thing – just being the best at his craft. He wants to impose his will, and that shows up on film. The guy looks for work. He wants to suffocate the guy he’s trying to block. He just wants to completely eliminate him. I love that. That’s the kind of guy you want to play next to and the kind you want to play with. I think his physical attributes and what he does on the field is phenomenal – that’s a huge talent – but I also think the type of player he is is almost as important and the culture that he’s going to bring and the competition he is going to bring. He’s going to make an offensive line group and an offense better just because of the work ethic, the mindset.”

O’Hara then compared him to a player he lined up next to for seven seasons.

“He reminds me a lot of Chris Snee,” O’Hara said. “Chris was a really quiet kid coming in, powerful as heck. He should have been a first-round guy. Quenton kind of reminds me of that. The way that he plays with brute force is fun to watch. He’s not a glitz and glamor guy like Mike McGlinchey (one of the top-rated offensive tackles who played next to Nelson at Notre Dame) – they call him the mayor. Quenton is ‘just tell me when it’s my turn to kick ass.’ ”

Giants will have plenty of competition for O-lineman D.J. Fluker - NY Daily News
D.J. Fluker was a bright spot on the Giants’ offensive line and in their locker room during a dark 2017 season.

Quenton Nelson: Is the 2018 NFL Draft’s best player a guard? -
Notre Dame’s Quenton Nelson says he’s this year’s best OL and worthy of a top-five pick, and others agree with him.

6 Giants observations from the 2018 NFL Combine - NY Daily News
NFL coaches, GMs and scouts collided with agents, analysts and sportswriters during and after hours this past week at the NFL Combine.