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Draft Notebook: QB fits, trade scenarios, more

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A few notes as the draft draws closer

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Yearning for more Odell Beckham Jr. trade speculation? I’ve got you covered. Bucky Brooks does a pretty thorough breakdown while also doing fits for QB prospects and teams, surprisingly the New York Giants aren’t listed for any of the fits.

Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks discuss Josh Allen in this podcast.

If you missed it from right here at BBV over the week, Chris took a look at Josh Allen and highlights the many positives and negatives of the draft’s biggest enigma.

From the Cleveland Plain Dealer there’s an article titled Hue Jackson has envisioned Myles Garrett and Bradley Chubb together. The most interesting tidbit though was a candid moment from Jackson

“Obviously, as you guys have already pegged it, we’re taking a quarterback, and then here comes the No. 4 pick,” Jackson said. “We need impact football players, period, and that’s part of where we are. So here’s another opportunity to put some impact players on our team that can help us get to winning as fast as we can.’’

The context of this quote doesn’t seem to have any hint of sarcasm as Hue Jackson is someone who has frequently been blunt. This shouldn’t be a surprise even after the Browns have traded for Tyrod Taylor, they have needed a franchise QB for some time and have passed on players like Carson Wentz (by trading out) too often and have seen the Eagles fly to the Superbowl while the Browns stumbled to 1 win in two seasons. The biggest question has been do the Browns love Sam Darnold or do they love Josh Allen, rumors have been abound about them having an affinity for both throughout the process.

An interesting take on Baker Mayfield from SI, what makes Baker Mayfield tick and why it might be problematic. With some insight from newly retired Joe Thomas.

Greg Gabriel ranks his top four running backs: not included in the list is Derrius Guice. Included in the list is a favorite of mine — Rashaad Penny.

Who is that athletic freak draft prospect who measured 6-foot-8 345 pounds with 35.5-inch arms and had a 5.12 40-yard dash? Of course it’s none other than professional rugby player Jordan Mailata looking to make the transition to the NFL.

My favorite part of the NFL Draft is the hope. Here’s a fun article to read about TE Deon Yelder, “Meet the TE prospect whose dreams were almost derailed by a late bus”

Easter sure came early this year, but enjoy time with your loved ones!